Takane no Hana Volume 2 Chapter 22

Compared to Nishinari-san

That day, Mirei had a meeting with her marriage partner.

The place was the Tennoji family mansion where Mirei is currently living. Most people who visit this mansion for the first time are usually intimidated, but the other party showed no such signs.


hey behaved like upper class people, and their words and actions were rich in decency and culture. Mirei was convinced that this was a match made by her father and mother.


But even so …… Mirei’s heart did not relax.


“Well then, I think it’s time to call it a day.”


Hanami, Mirei’s mother, announced the end of dinner.

The marriage partner and his mother greeted politely one last time before leaving the mansion.


“Mirei, thank you for your hard work~.”


“Yes……, thank you for your hard work as well.”


After instructing the maids about cleaning up after the dinner, her mother approached Mirei.


“How did the marriage meeting go? From the looks of it, things seemed to be going well~.”


“Yes, I think. He’s intelligent, and I think he’s nice.”


Mirei recalls the male counterpart at the dinner table.


“He was well groomed and had good manners. He is not the heir to a large company. It’s the one that my father and mother chose for me.”


“That’s because I already want Mirei to be happy~!”


Her mother said with a soft smile.


“But …… that man is very sensible, I would say, elegant and trustworthy…….”


“Oh, what’s wrong with that~?”


“I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but …… when everything is so perfect, there’s no need for me to explain anything to him, and I’m sure he won’t do anything that I need to worry about ………”


“……What’s wrong with that~?”


Her mother was perplexed.

Mirei herself was also puzzled.

What was she saying? She had a complicated expression on her face.


“By the way, what did you think of the other party this time compared to …… Nishinari-san?”


“Why is Nishinari-san’s name mentioned here?”


“Oh~? I’m just curious, I don’t have any other intentions~?”


It was an attitude that had nothing but other intentions.

Mirei felt that her mother was troubled.


“I’m not sure how much I can compare him to the heir of a successful company. Nishinari-san still has a lot of things to learn, and …… I have a lot to teach him, so if he were to attend a dinner like this, I would be worried about him a lot.”


“Oh my goodness, it’s so idealistic~!”


Her mother is saying something, but Mirei doesn’t quite understand, so she decides to ignore it.


“I had never heard of this before, but I wondered what …… Nishinari-san’s family does.”


“I believe they are an IT company under the umbrella of the Konohana Group. ……He still hasn’t told me the name of the company…..”


Come to think of it, she and Itsuki have never had that kind conversation.

Usually, among students at Academy, this kind of topic comes up within a week. Of course, it is not for the purpose of grading them on it, but out of pure interest.


(In Nishinari-san’s case …… that’s how interesting things are.)


In both good and bad ways, Itsuki is a person with whom there is so much else to talk about that there is no time to talk about his family background. That was something new and somewhat comforting for Mirei.


“It was an IT company, huh? But for an heir, he’s very ordinary or …… friendly in a good way, isn’t he?”


Her mother put her hand on her cheek and said.

Even though it is a medium-sized company, Itsuki is also an heir. For that, it must be said that he is indeed a very common person.


Mirei knows why.

She knows that she should not say anything else, but …… it seems her …… mother is quite fond of Itsuki. Then Mirei’s mouth lightened as she thought, surely this can’t be a bad thing.


“Between you and me, he’s an adopted child just like me. So it’s no wonder he’s so plain and simple.”


Her mother would surely understand. After all, Mirei herself was adopted.

For some reason, however, her mother became just a little more serious than usual.


“Hey, Mirei. That means he had adopted Nishinari-san because they wanted …… an heir~, right?”


“Yes…… that should be the case.”


The question is not clear, and Mirei answers it while wondering.


“It’s strange, isn’t it~? I’ve never heard of an IT company in the Konohana Group having trouble with an heir…….”