Takane no Hana Volume 2 Chapter 23


It was Monday, three days after I heard that Tennoji-san was going to have dinner with her marriage partner.

On this day, I was going to head to the academy with Hinako as usual.

“Itsuki …”

“What’s wrong, Hinako?”

“How are the study sessions with Tennoji-san …… going?”

As I walked out of the mansion and toward the gate, taking in the sun, Hinako asked.

“I’m doing well. I’m sure my grades will be high at this rate……, and being in contact with someone like Tennoji-san has given me a lot of courage in many ways.”

Tennoji-san has a unique atmosphere, but she is an upper class student representing the Academy. Having become accustomed to interacting with her, I was becoming more comfortable with interacting with other upper class people. I am sure I will behave better at the next social event than I did last time.

“Tennoji-san seems to be doing well in her studies, too…… so maybe Hinako will lose in the next test.”

“…… Mu.”

Hinako leaked out a slightly grumpy voice.

But she’s still sleepy and doesn’t have anything special to say.

“The two of you, it’s fine to chit chat, but please walk properly.”

“Excuse me.”

I took a few steps toward the car.

As we approached the black car, the driver, who was waiting for us, bowed solemnly. I bowed lightly.

“Speaking of which, Hinako, I used to give you piggyback rides and hugs, but you don’t say it anymore.”

When I asked such a question unexpectedly, Hinako stiffened her body for a moment, as if she was upset.

“That…… already, graduating……”

“What happened with graduating?”

“Mmm …”

Hinako, who sounded distressed, eventually slowly tells me.

“If you want me to ……do that, I will.”

I hadn’t expected that response.

I don’t know about that. …… To be honest, I didn’t feel bad about it. But still, it’s not something that should be taken so easily. Excessive skinship is dangerous in many ways.

I look back at Shizune-san, curious about her reaction.

Then, Shizune-san glared somewhere with her eyes flashing sharply.



I am astonished when Shizune-san suddenly points outside of the mansion.

The security of the Konohana family immediately rushed to the place where Shizune-san was pointing.

A minute later, one of the guards approached Shizune-san and told her that there was nothing wrong.

“Is it just my …… imagination?”

Shizune-san said with a puzzled look on her face.

“I beg your pardon. I felt your eyes on me.”

“Oh, I see…….”

I never thought I would hear the word “crook” in this modern Japan.

“But it’s strange, isn’t it? My intuition is often right…….”

Shizune-san muttered.

“If …… it wasn’t all in my mind, it’s……  quite a tricky one.”

I gulped as Shizune-san said something disturbing.

What in the world am I getting myself into?

I got out of the car and headed toward the academy.


As I was changing my shoes at the locker, Tennoji-san called out to me.

“Tennoji-san, good morning.”

“Yes, good morning.”

It is rare to meet in a place like this.

I looked at Tennoji-san and saw that she had a serious look on her face. I wondered if she had something to tell me.

“Nishinari-san. I’m going to ask you straight to the point…. Do you have anything to hide from me?”

The question hit me as if my heart had been grabbed by an eagle.

I was violently shaken. But I must not show it.

I have two things to hide from Tennoji-san.

One is that I am attending the Academy under a false identity. The other is that I am under the Konohana family’s supervision.

Neither of these things can be known.

“……There is nothing.”

“… Of course.”

Tennoji-san nodded, looking just a little disappointed.

“I understand. I am sorry for saying such strange things.”

“No. No, it’s okay, but……”

Why did she suddenly ask such a question?

I was curious, but I couldn’t ask questions because I felt like I would be asking a lot of questions.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to cancel today’s lesson. I have an urgent matter to attend to.”

“I understand……. Is it about a marriage proposal again?”

“No, not this time.”

Tennoji-san’s eyes lit up with some kind of anger.

“It’s more important than that.”

After school that day.

I opened my locker and saw something extraordinary.

In the locker was a single envelope.

On its surface, the following words are written in a masterful handwriting.

–A letter of fulfillment.