Takane no Hana Volume 2 Chapter 24

The Intent of the Letter of Fulfillment

Perhaps it was just a normal day until then.

I took my classes seriously, ate lunch with Hinako during lunch break, and then after school, I would have study sessions with Tennoji-san.


On the way there.

After school, I was just about to change my shoes at the locker when I saw something I don’t usually see.


A single envelope in my locker.

Seeing the white letter, I reflexively closed my locker.


“Are you kidding me ……?”


It’s a love letter.

It’s a …… love letter!


No, no, no, …… that’s absurd.

Would the students of the Academy fall in love with a man like me?


It is true that I take care of my appearance as a caretaker, but many of the students at the Academy are beautiful men and women. I am sure they would not choose me because of my looks.


My social status is ostensibly that of the son and heir of a medium-sized company. In a normal high school, I might be the object of admiration, but at the Academy, there are many candidates for the presidency of large companies. I still don’t understand why they would dare to choose me.


“What should I do ……  Shizune-san?”


My head was spinning and I wanted to talk to someone about it right away.

If this were a normal high school, the first thing I would suspect is the possibility of a prank, but surely no student would do such a thing in this academy.


I take a deep breath and open my locker once more.

Fearfully, I picked up the envelope.


–A letter of fulfillment.


On the surface of it, there was unexpected text.


“…… Huh?”


I froze for a minute and then slowly turned my head.

Could this be a …… prank? At least the love letter line was gone. I feel happy and sad …… No, I didn’t expect it originally, so there’s nothing wrong with it. Let’s put it that way.


When I opened the letter, it showed the time and place of the meeting.

There was no greeting or anything. The only thing written on the letter was, “After school, at the dojo.”




I tilted my head when I saw the words written in a neat handwriting.


“I’m sure this is …… Tennoji-san’s handwriting, right?”


I remembered Tennoji-san’s handwriting from our study sessions together.

The calligraphy is very strong, as if a calligrapher had put a lot of energy into it.


Anyway, I headed to the dojo as instructed.

There was a dojo next to the gym at Academy. I opened the door and entered.

In the center of the dojo, Tennoji-san, wearing a traditional Japanese hakama, was sitting down in front of me.


“You’ve come.”


Tennoji-san said, slowly opening her eyelids.


“Um, Tennoji-san. What do you mean by a letter of fulfillment ……?”


“First of all, please go to the changing room and change into your dojo clothes.”


I felt the power of those words, and I followed the instructions, wondering why I was there.

In the men’s locker room, there was a hakama. Having studied self-defense at Konohana Family, I knew how to put on a kendo suit.


After changing, I was about to leave the changing room when I noticed a shinai by the door. Should I take this with me as well? Unsure of Tennoji-san’s intentions, I picked up the shinai, tilting my head.


“Tennoji-san. I’ve changed my clothes as you told me, but what is this….




Tennoji-san stands up from her seiza position and puts her hand inside her hakama.


“What is this?”


Tennoji-san took out three pictures.

I looked at them and my eyes widened.


“This is ……!?”


It was a picture of me leaving the Konohana family mansion with Hinako this morning.

The pictures were carefully shot from three different angles, showing that the people in them were unmistakably me and Hinako.


“This morning, I had one of my men take these pictures. It looks as if you and Konohana Hinako live in the same place.”


I remember Shizune yelling, “Crook!”

At that time, she had settled the matter by saying that it was just her imagination, …… but it seems that there really was a crook.


“That’s because it’s …… a family affair and I have some business with the Konohana family…….”


“Let’s change the question……. Where were you and who were you spending your lunch break with today?”


This time I was silent.

This morning, suspicions had become confirmed. That was probably why Tennoji-san had been observing me and Hinako all day today. I was on the lookout for the presence of people around me, but the Tennoji family is as renowned a family as the Konohana family…….


“I’ll take that silence as confirmation.”


Tennoji-san lowers her gaze and says.


“You, ….. you betrayed me, didn’t you?”


Tennoji-san stares at me with her eyes flashing sharply.


“I didn’t mean to betray you…….”


“Get ready.”


Tennoji-san pointed the tip of her bamboo sword at me.


“I’m going to smash that twisted mind of yours!!”