Takane no Hana Volume 2 Chapter 27

The First Move

“Itsuki-san, thank you for having another lesson with Tennoji-sama today.”


When I returned to the mansion, Shizune-san greeted me.

I am now responsible for reporting to Shizune-san about what happened today. I clenched my fists in nervousness, took a deep breath and opened my mouth.


“Um, …… Shizune-san. I’d like to talk to you about something.”


“It’s a coincidence, isn’t it? Me too.”




It seems that Shizune-san has something to tell me, too.

I have no idea. But …… I am sure that my problem is more serious than hers this time.


“Then, first, let’s see what Itsuki-san’s matter is.”




I told her honestly everything that had happened today.

That Tennoji-san found out my true identity. And that it was my decision. I was nervous, but I gave a detailed explanation as if I was trying to atone for my sins.


“I didn’t tell her about Hinako’s true personality. But other than that, I’ve explained most of it…….”


“…… I see.”


Shizune-san nodded with a mysterious face.

Tennoji-san only refused lying and tolerated me to keep silent. If I reveal even Hinako’s personality, it might put her and the Konohana family at a disadvantage, so that is the only thing I will keep silent about in the future.


“I’m glad you are honest.”


“…… Eh?”


I was afraid of how I would be treated, but Shizune-san acted as if she was impressed. I do not understand what that means, and my eyes widen.


“I just received a phone call from Mirei Tennoji-sama. She asked me not to withdraw you from the Academy.”


I was astonished by her words.


“I’ve heard the general situation. …… Mirei-sama said she was sorry that she had been unable to keep her composure, and that she had made more mistakes with Itsuki-san than she should have. Mirei-sama insists that she is responsible for this incident.”


“That’s not …… true.”


Maybe Tennoji-san contacted her as soon as she left …….

Tennoji-san is that kind of person. On the one hand, I am upset, but on the other hand, I am somewhat satisfied.


“She is the daughter of the Tennoji family. Knowing that she knows about Itsuki-san’s status, she went out of her way to contact me directly by name. She must have sensed that your position would be in jeopardy if it was reported to …… Kagen-sama out of the blue. I will tell …… from my side. Normally, this would be a blunder that would get you fired immediately …… but when the daughter of the Tennoji family pleads with someone like that, I can’t let it go unanswered. Now that this has happened, firing you is likely to create a feud with the Tennoji family.”


If Tennoji-san had not called her, I might have been fired as a punishment. However, thanks to Tennoji-san’s desperate efforts to protect me, the Konohana family came to the conclusion that if they fired me, they might end up on bad terms with the Tennoji family.


“You were saved, weren’t you?”


“…… Yes.”


“I too feel responsible for this matter. ……After all, when you are dealing with someone as big as the Tennoji family, there is a limit to how much information manipulation you can do. We may need to take more countermeasures.”


Shizune said with a serious face.

Then I noticed that Hinako was looking at me from across the hallway.





I called out, and Hinako walked over to me with small steps.


“What’s the matter, you two ……?”


“Actually, it seems that Itsuki-san’s true identity has been discovered by Tennoji-sama.”




Hinako’s sleepy eyes widen.


“What will happen to Itsuki ……? Don’t tell me he’s going to be fired ……”


“I don’t think that’s going to happen.”


Shizune tells us plainly.

Then Hinako walks up next to me and…




She lightly kicked me in the shin area.


“……Don’t make me worry.”

“…… My bad.”


I apologize to Hinako, who pouted.


“But, …… how did she find out about it?”


“…I didn’t want to lie to Tennoji-san any more than I already had. Tennoji-san is not the kind of person who would do anything to the detriment of others, …… and I decided I could trust her.”


“…… Mu.”


Suddenly, Hinako spilled out a grumpy voice.


“You trust ……her …… a lot.”


“I trust her. But you can see that Tennoji-san is that kind of person, can’t you, Hinako?”


“That’s true…… but…”


Mmmm, Hinako looks complicated.

Eventually, her little lips open.


“… Itsuki Baka.”




Hinako turned on her heels and went away.

I watched her back in a daze.


“Shizune-san. Did I make…… Hinako hate me ……?”


“No, it’s not like that, though…….”


Shizune put her hand to her forehead and let out a sigh.


“….. What am I supposed to do?”