Takane no Hana Volume 2 Chapter 28

An Unusual Relationship

The next day after school.

I headed to the gym for a dance lesson with Tennoji-san.


“Ah …… Tennoji-san.”


I changed into my clothes in the locker room and went out to the gym, where I found Tennoji-san, who had just changed into hers, just like me.


Tennoji-san looked at me, then glanced from side to side, glancing around.




She gives me a sign.


There is no one else in the hall right now but us.

Thus, I can go back to my plain attitude – after all, I had been talking to her in a polite tone of voice until now. I’m not sure if Tennoji-san gave me permission to do so, but I’m off my game.


“Uh ……, another lesson today, thank you.”


“What are you so nervous about?”


I greeted her awkwardly and Tennoji-san laughed.

It makes me feel embarrassed, but it also makes me feel relaxed.


“You called the Konohana family yesterday, didn’t you? …… Helped me out. If it hadn’t been for that, I might have been expelled.”


‘You needn’t worry about that. I feel responsible for it.”


Tennoji-san said with a mysterious look on her face.


“I observed you secretly today…… and you certainly behaved like a squire of Konohana Hinako……Totally, Konohana Hinako is blessed, isn’t she?”


“I’m relieved to hear you say that. Well, to be honest, I’m kind of overloaded.”


“No need to be modest. You probably have been trained by the servants of the Konohana family. You are at least good enough to be a servant.”


Saying so, Tennoji-san lowers her gaze a little.


“Totally, I really ……………… envy her. If this is the case, you could be my servant…….”


Tennoji-san mumbled something.


“Did you say something?”


“No, nothing.”


Tennoji-san said with a slightly grumpy attitude.

I wonder if I have said something that might have offended her…….?


“By the way, Itsuki-san. You are always doing something with Konohana Hinako during your lunch break……? I know that both of you are in the old student building…….”


Tennoji-san glared at me.

The only thing I did during lunch break today was to feed Hinako her lunch and let her sleep on my lap so she could take a nap…… but there is no way I can say that.


“We’re just eating, like normal people.”


“If all you do is eat, you could do that in a classroom. Aren’t you doing something else?”


That’s quite right, Tennoji-san.

She has good instincts. So I had no choice.


“…… I’ll keep silent.”




Tennoji-san’s eyes narrowed.


“Just to be clear, I’m asking you, ……, you’re not doing anything dubious ……, are you?”


“Oh, that’s …….”


Suddenly, I remembered that Hinako slept on my lap.

Wouldn’t that be considered as impure actions in the eyes of the public? No, but since neither of us …… intends to do that, I’m sure it won’t be a problem.


“I don’t think …… we did that.”


“Why did you hesitate to say that now?”


“I didn’t.”


The anxiety in my head seems to have manifested itself in my words.

I quickly assured her, but it was a little too late, and Tennoji-san was even more skeptical.


“I can’t help but feel that you and Konohana Hinako have some kind of special relationship……!!”


“Even if you say that, …… on what basis do you suspect ……?”


“It’s intuition!”




In other words, there is no evidence at all, apparently.


“Now, answer me. Are you really just a servant? As I said …… before, you have nothing to hide. And if you keep silent here……, that would be, in effect, a confirmation.”


“Such a lame move ……”


Tennoji-san sometimes goes out of control…….


“If I had to say, maybe …… I’d say it’s a little more intimate than your average servant.”


“Intimate ……?”


Tennoji-san raised her eyebrows.


“…… How close is it?”


“How close is what?”


“So! How close are you!? There are many ways to be intimate, such as just having a brief conversation, or saying hello when you pass by each other!”


That’s not just intimacy, that’s something you would do with a stranger.

Why am I being asked this question? I answer, wondering.


“For example, maybe the two of us just have a light chat.”


“I’m sure that would not be a problem. I do that too.”


“And, as I said before, having a meal together.”


“…… No problem either. I do it, too.”


“I even …… pat her on the head.”


“I don’t do that…!!”


Tennoji-san shouts.

Oops. I was allowed two consecutive times, and I just slipped up.


“Patting her head!? ….Patting her head!? What kind of situation is that!?”


“No, no, it’s just that, you know, sometimes the atmosphere is like that.”


“What kind of atmosphere!?”


Bang! Tennoji-san stepped on the floor strongly.

It is difficult to explain the atmosphere. I was lost for an answer when Tennoji-san’s face turned bright red.


“You should also pat my head …….”


“…… Yes?”


“And my head! Pat it! This, me….Tennoji Mirei! I cannot let Konohana Hinako get ahead of me!!”



I wonder what Tennoji-san intends to fight with Hinako about.


“Well then…….”


I reach for Tennoji-san’s head, as she seems to get even angrier if I don’t pat her down at this point.




As I patted her head, Tennoji-san let out a strange sound.

Despite Tennoji-san’s strong character, her hair was as soft as silk. It felt different from Hinako’s hair. Tennoji-san’s hair was just a little bit off center.


As I continued patting her small head for a while…… Tennoji-san’s cheeks turned bright red and she fell silent. I was afraid to speak to her.


“…… Tennoji-san?”




Tennoji-san’s eyes widened as if she came back to herself.

When I removed my hand, Tennoji-san coughed in an uncharacteristic manner.


“Kohon. I’m sorry. I was just thinking about something……”


“Thinking ……?”




It didn’t look very likely, but I’m afraid I’ll be thick-skinned if I …… mention it, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.


“Oh, are you doing this kind of thing with …… Konohana Hinako?”


“…… Well.”


When I affirmed, Tennoji-san raised her eyebrows again.


“Fufufu……..It seems, after all, that I, and Konohana Hinako, have an incompatible relationship………!!”


Tennoji-san clenches her fists and mutters.


“… I’m going to start the …… lesson.”




“I’ll start the lesson!!”


“Yes, yes!!”


For some reason, Tennoji-san was extremely angry.