Takane no Hana Volume 2 Chapter 33

Epilogue: That’s Why I’m Your Rival

After Tennoji-san successfully turned down the marriage proposal.

At Academy, a proficiency test was held.

Unlike the regular examinations, the proficiency tests were not composed of many subjects. However, the number of questions was still very large for such a prestigious school, and the examinations were held over a period of three days.

One week passed after that.

The results of the exam were announced.


“Everyone~! This way, this way~!”


Many students had already gathered at the bulletin board in front of the staff room.

After putting our bags in the classroom, Hinako and I headed for the bulletin board, where Asahi-san beckoned to us in the distance.

Next to her was Tennoji-san.


“Just now, I met Tennoji-san too!”


Tennoji-san bowed silently and then turned her gaze to my face.


“Let’s check the results together.”


If it weren’t for my ego, that line would have been directed at me personally, not everyone else.

Nervousness crept up my back, and I gulped down my spit.

At the Academy, the scores and names of the top 50 students are announced at the time of the exam. My goal is to be among the top 50.

I look at the board with determination.

There, my name is…


“It’s not listed…”


I barely managed to hold myself up as my body was about to fall to my knees.

I had failed to achieve my goal.


“It’s only natural.”


Next to me, who was depressed, Tennoji-san said.


“All the students who attend this academy have been educated from an early age to be gifted. If you want to catch up with them, you need to work hard for years.”


That may be true.

But I still wanted to achieve something.

I couldn’t give a good report even though I had learned from Tennoji-san.

Tennoji-san lets out a sigh as I shut down.


“In other words…, all you have to do is to continue your efforts from now on.”


At her words, I looked up.

The pressure in my heart is gone when I see Tennoji-san with a smile on her face.


“…I see.”


That’s right. I just have to keep trying in the future.

Because Tennoji-san is not leaving this academy.

Let’s leave it to the future.


“I’m not on the list either. Well, I expected it.”


“I’m not on the list either, as I should be.”


“Ah, I’m not on it either.”


Asahi, Taisho, and Narika seemed to have given up from the beginning.

The rest are …… Hinako and Tennoji.


“I guess Konohana-san and Tennoji-san are both in the top single digits. Hmmm……… but the crowd is so big, I might not be able to see them from here.”


Asahi-san stood on her toes and tried to look at the bulletin board beyond the crowd.

It seems that the names of the top ten are announced in a big way on another bulletin board. There was an even bigger crowd in front of that board.


“Hey, it’s amazing! It looks like a perfect score has been given!”


Taisho said excitedly as he heard the students around him talking.


“Is a perfect score so rare?”


“Oh! The examinations at this academy are really difficult. It is very rare to get a perfect score.”


Indeed, the questions were quite difficult.

For a moment we silently look at Hinako and Tennoji-san.

If there is a student who is getting a perfect score, it must be one of these two …

As we felt a slight tension, the students in the crowd noticed Hinako and Tennoji’s presence and made way for them. The noisy crowd scattered to the left and right like Moses splitting the sea.

The two ladies of the Academy stood in front of the bulletin board in a leisurely manner.

Looking at the results of the exam – we widened our eyes.


“This is …”


“Two people got perfect scores …?”


The name at the top of the list was Hinako. The name below that is Tennoji.

However, both of them had exactly the same score – eight hundred points.

The students clapped for Hinako and Tennoji-san.

I secretly called out to Hinako amidst the applause.


“Hinako, you did your best, too.”




Hinako affirmed it in a plain manner.


“I didn’t want …… to lose to you two.”


Hinako told me somewhat teasingly.

Oh… that’s right.

I can’t help but laugh. It’s natural when you think about it.

It is not only Tennoji-san who worked as hard as she could for this exam.

Hinako, too, had worked hard.


“… Fufu.”


Tennoji-san let out a smile.

The goal of beating Hinako was not achieved. However, Tennoji-san laughs in a good mood.


“Oh-ho-ho! That’s why you are my rival!”


The match between Tennoji-san and Hinako was not settled.

But there would be no problem.

There is still plenty of time left.

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