Takane no Hana Chapter 19

Edited by Bogdi

“By the way, why is Itsuki at this school?”

 To that question, I think of an answer.

 Currently, my position is “the son of a mid-sized company,” and my relationship with Hinako is “somewhat acquainted with the connections between parents.”

 All of these are lies that Shizune-san told me in advance, and I’ve only been pretending to be that way.

 But … this lie doesn’t work with Naruka.

 Because she knows my true identity. Even if I claim to be the son of a mid-sized company, she knows it’s a lie.

 Her knowing the relationship between me and Hinako means that the true identity of Hinako will be revealed. As her caretaker, I must protect Hinako’s “perfect lady” appearance.

“… I used to talk about my mother’s love of gambling.”

“Oh, I’ve heard it was terrible.”

 Naruka sympathizes.

 Most of the time, I heard the story from the mouths of the servants.

“She won a big win from that gambling and got a lot of money. Thanks to that, I was able to attend this school.”

 It’s not too bad of a lie.

 I heard a response.

“… It’s a lie”

 Naruka squinted and said.

“This school is not a school that you can enter if you have money. A strict background check is conducted at the time of admission. The assets obtained by gambling should not be evaluated.”

 Is that so…….

 How did the Konohana family enroll me in this school? Is there a back door unique to those in power?

“Itsuki … Why do you lie. Is there something you can’t say …?”

 I was completely suspicious when the lie was revealed.

 If you are impatient while sweating cold, the smartphone in my pocket will notified me of an incoming call again.

 Probably Shizune-san. Calling me so soon again, it’s probably urgent.

“Wow, bad … I got a call again …”

 When I give a light refusal and try to leave.

“Well, wait!”

 Naruka grabbed my arm.

“You won’t run again …?”

 With a quivering voice, Naruka asks.

 The sad expression looked at me, and I reflected on it.


 I made Naruka uneasy.

 Six years ago, I suddenly disappeared in front of Naruka. At first, I was also concerned about that day, but before I knew it, my memory had faded and I couldn’t remember.

 But Naruka was different. Naruka had never been out with a child her age until she met me. So, unlike me, Naruka forever remembered that day, perhaps she remembered that day’s anxiety.

“It’s okay, I’m not going to run”



 It was unexpected that I met Naruka again here, but I am honestly happy that I was able to meet her again.

 Just because you have a caretaker job, you can’t let go.

“Then … oh, stroke my head …”


“Mmm, long ago! You did it well! When I was angry with my dad …”


 By the way, I used to stroke Naruka’s head.

 I’m worried about the phone that has been ringing since a while ago. Let’s do as I was told earlier.

“… yes yes”

 When I stroked my head, Naruka smiled with a fluffy smile.

“Oh … don’t worry.”

“I wonder if sophomores in high school can feel relieved when their heads are stroked.”

“Wow, I know! But this was … an important memory for me …. honestly, I thought I wouldn’t meet Itsuki anymore.”

 As in the past, Naruka’s words were honest and straightforward.

 Feeling itchy, I keep stroking Naruka’s head.

“It was bad. Before, I disappeared so suddenly.”

“… I met you again like this. It’s already good.”

 Naruka smiles with a sense of security.

 It was then that the infirmary door opened.

“–What are you doing?”

 When I heard that voice, I stopped stroking Naruka.

 Hinako appeared from the door.

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