The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 100

Living together – Day 36 Summer Vacation ②

The Russian Girl Who Lost Her Swimsuit

Speaking of summer – it’s all about the sea.

Speaking of summer – swimsuits.

There is a beach right next to my apartment on Bentenjima. It has always been famous as a tourist spot, lined with resorts.

On a midsummer day like this, the beach would be flooded with visitors, but for some reason it was calm today. There were only a few families.

But it was a blessing in disguise.

“……Oojirou, what should I do?”

The shallow water not far from the beach. The two of us were alone in the shallow water not far from the beach, knee-deep in the water, hugging each other.

At first we were playing with a beach ball, but then the incident happened.

I launched a ferocious, harsh blow, and Lida attempted to bounce the ball back and receive it. But at that moment, her loose swimsuit came undone and …… came off. Only the top.

Both the top and bottom are thin string swimsuits.

It seems that the top one was loose.

Why are the knots so loose!

–And so it was August 10th.

Wednesday, now.

I was holding the nearly naked Lida to hide her from the gaze of others. ……Ah, damn it. Where did the swimsuit go? But this is not the time to be happy about this hugging situation, …… like I’m a little happy. We’re stuck in this situation. I really love it, but!

“Anyway, you’re not hurt, right?”

“I’m fine. That’s okay. But I can’t go on the shore without my swimsuit …….”

“Well, there’s the eyes of the guys, …… and I don’t want anyone to see you.”

Think about it, me. Think, me. There has to be a way to hide Lida’s b*****s. There’s got to be something…..!

I scurry around, but the clear blue waves are only knee-deep. All the rest of the guests were families. ……No, I can’t come up with anything.

“Oh, you know what?”

“Yeah, what’s up, Lida?”

“I’d be happier if you kept holding me like this…….”

In the brilliant sunshine, Lida said with a smile like a sunflower. But she’s pushing herself too hard, and her limbs are shaking!

“Oh, oh ……”

Suddenly, my heart started pounding.

My heart is screaming and racing.

I’m probably going to die if I don’t do something about it!

“Um, well~, um…”

Ah, what should I do?

Is it not bad to spend time with Lida hugging her like this? Yes, that would be good. To spend eternity together…

“Hey, there, young man. The young man holding the beautiful lady.”

Wait a minute.

Someone is calling out to me.


I turn toward the voice, and there was ……

“Ah, you finally turned your head this way.”

The girl with silver hair similar to Lida’s was right next to her before she knew it. Her flowery swimsuit is adorable. Is she a foreigner ……? I’m not sure if it’s a foreigner or not, but her Japanese is fluent.

“Ki, you are ……?”

“I’m Shinoe.”

The girl named Shinoe smiles with a pure, untainted smile. She’s kind of pretty.

“What’s wrong, Shinoe-chan?”

Lida, who is being held by me, asks the girl. Shinoe shook her small body in embarrassment and slowly explained the reason.

“Well, that~… I picked up a swimsuit over there, so I thought it might belong to my silver-haired sister.”

In her hand was indeed Lida’s swimsuit.

Oh, this girl picked it up.

What luck!

“Thanks! Wow, Shinoe-chan picked it up for me. Thank you.”

Receiving the swimsuit, Lida quickly put it on. So now it’s back to normal. I returned to the original position, and I moved away from Lida.

“I’ll thank you too, Shinoe-chan.”

“No problem. See you later, Oojirou Onii-chan.”

Shinoe waved cheerfully and went away. She was kind of a strange girl. …… Wait! I hadn’t said my name yet. I wonder if she was listening nearby.

“That was great, Oojirou.”

Lida hugged me with teary eyes. I was so happy to be able to help her.

“She’s looking at us, so don’t do that.”

“Oh~, Oojirou’s shy ♡ I think I’ll go back to the beach umbrella I set up on the shore and ask for another coat of sun oil.”

Me, getting my hand pulled away.

Ugh, oiling up again, huh?

I know the summer sun is probably poisonous to the soft skin of a Russian girl, but I just applied it thirty minutes ago. I’m the one who coated Lida’s entire body, every inch of it, front, back, this way and that way.

I was so nervous that I was going to die. I think I’m about to die. I hope I can survive…….

–Oh, that person on the beach …… that might be…..