The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 101

A special date with all of them!?

As we walked up to the beach, we saw someone waving at us. That woman with shiny black hair and full of adult appeal is Haruka. No way, she’s in a swimsuit…….!

“Hey there, Oojirou-kun.”

“Wow…… Haruka-san, that’s a very bold swimsuit you’re wearing.”

“How do you like it? Do you think it looks good on me?”

The swimsuit is a black bikini with strings.

It had a little red pattern on it and looked luxurious. It was definitely a high-end brand.

“It looks good on you. It’s ……, yeah, it’s great.”

“Thank you.”

The first time I saw her smile, it was as pretty as a flower, and I couldn’t help but smile in my heart. Haruka has the looks and proportions of an actress. It’s a miracle that I get to see her in a swimsuit like this. I’m going to enjoy the feast for my eyes while I still can.

“…… Oh, Oojirou! Don’t look at Haruka-san!”

“Ugh, that doesn’t mean you should hug me from the front.”

Lida is already so puffed up and boldly close to me ……. I’m sure it would be much better for my heart if she at least covered my eyes. …… Maybe it’s Lida’s own resistance, or opposition, to Haruka.

“The two of you are as close as a married couple as ever.”

“Fu…… a married couple.”

Lida reacted to Haruka-san’s words with a twitch. With just two words, she let down her guard against Haruka-san. You’re so easy on her, aren’t you?

But why is she here?

I asked, curious.

“Did you come here to swim too, Haruka?”

“No, I came to take care of Shinoe.”

“Shinoe …… that silver-haired girl?”

“Oh, you met her?”

“She picked up Lida’s swimsuit earlier. Is that girl an acquaintance of yours, Haruka-san?”

As soon as I asked, the person herself appeared.

Shinoe was jumping on Haruka-san.

“Haruka-san, I’m back ~”

“I looked for you, Shinoe. But you were meeting with Oojirou-kun.”

“Hmm? Ah~, you must be Onii-san from earlier. Just a little while ago.”

“I see. So that’s good. …… So, Oojirou-kun, this girl is a relative of mine. Her name is Shinoe Sakura. As you can see, she is not Japanese.”

I’m sure. She looks kind of out of this world, and I’ve never seen a girl like her before. I wonder where in the world she is from.

But her name is Japanese. It’s strange.

“She’s a pretty girl, isn’t she, Shinoe-chan?”

“Ehehe …”

I love the way she’s embarrassed. She’s still very young, but she also looks mature. She’s really different.

“Me and Lida are going back to the apartment.”

“Oh, wait, Oojirou-kun.”


“I know you still have a long summer vacation, so I’ll give you this as a present.”

A ticket is flashed to me.

This is … oh!

It is a special free pass to an amusement park.

And it’s for Fuji-Q Highland, home of the Labyrinth of Fear! I’ve always wanted to go there.

“Is it okay!?”

Lida reacted before I did.

“It’s fine. I think it would be a good date for everyone.”

“Haruka-san … Thank you !!”

Lida was jumping for joy. I was honestly happy, too. I haven’t been to an amusement park for a few years now, and it would be fun if I could go with Lida.

“Oh, by the way, I gave Suzu-chan and Azusa-chan tickets too.”


So it will be the usual members, I guess. I think Lida is looking a bit depressed.

“…… Ugh, I would have preferred to be alone with Oojirou.”

“I’m sure it can’t be helped. Besides, it’s more fun if we all go together, right?”

“You’re right, yeah, I get it. Let’s all go out together.”

“It’s decided. Thank you very much, Haruka-san.”

“See you then.”

“Okay, see then……?”

See you on then!?

Haruka-san, I feel like you said something strange …… I wonder if it’s possible. No, no, that’s an evil theory. It’s rude to doubt the person who gave you a gift. I’m not going to do that.

I bowed and returned to my apartment with Lida.

“Oojirou, I’m looking forward to the amusement park.”

“I also got a message from Azusa and the President.”

I looked at my phone and it said, ‘We’re all meeting tomorrow at the amusement park!’. Apparently, it was planned in advance. But it’s not a bad idea to go somewhere far away for fun once in a while.

-Well, back to the apartment, here they are in person. Looks like they’re all moved in.