The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 102

Хороший (Wonderful)

Azusa and the president said they would be moving in during this summer. It looks like they finally finished the work today.

So now we are all gathered at “Kamchatka-so”.

“Hey, Oojirou-kun!”

“I’m tired.”

“Good work. Azusa, President.”

There seemed to be a little more to unpack, and Azusa’s older brother, Kensuke-senpai, was also helping out. I offered to help too, but I was told that a moving company had been hired, so there was no need. So me and Lida went swimming.

“I was so happy to hear that Azusa-chan and Suzu-chan would finally be residents of this “Kamchatka-so”. And Kensuke-senpai?”

Lida’s voice bubbled with joy and she confirmed it with Azusa.

“Yes, that’s right, Lida-chan. We’re not in the same room, but Onii will be with us for a while. He’s going to be everyone’s bodyguard for the summer vacation only.”

After what happened with Tanahashi before, I feel safer just having that big, bulky Aniki around. If I ever get involved in a strange incident again, I will rely on my senpai.

“I see, so now we can all hang out together anytime. Hey, don’t you think so too, Oojirou?”

“The place is lively now. It won’t boring at all.”

“That’s really it, isn’t it?”

The president coolly let out a few words.

Every day from now on is going to be a festive occasion. I’m both looking forward to it and anxious about it – but I’m sure …… it will be fun.

We already have plans for tomorrow.

” So, we’re going to Fuji-Q, right, Azusa?”

“Yes, we are. It’s decided, Oojirou-kun! If you’re late, you’ll be fined.”

“A fine, huh? I don’t like that. All right, we’ll just meet in front of this apartment, right?”

“Absolutely! Then I’ll help you.”

Azusa’s very well-shaped white teeth are shining. She left with a great deal of anticipation. She’s the type of person who looks forward to the excursion so much that she doesn’t get enough sleep.

“I’m going to go now, too.”

” Suzu-chan, are you leaving~?”

“Yes, I still have some work to do. Lida-chan, Oojirou-kun, I’ll call you later.”

The president bowed politely and went home.

It looks like they are still busy. I knew I should help …… No, they also said there were only a few left …… and it would be awkward if by any chance underwear or something came out. I could see such an occurrence happening.

I gave up on it.

“Lida, we should go back too.”


“No. …… ugh.”

I was pulled by the arm and we headed to the back of the building. I didn’t think she was going to do …… something n*****y in such an out-of-the-way place! I was expecting a little bit, but Lida just had a hose in her hand.

“We have to rinse off the salt water properly.”

That’s right…

Well, we were certainly soaked in salt water. I can’t just go up to the apartment like that.

“Then I’ll wash Lida.”

“Поняла!” (I understand.)


“Then, …. Хороший.”

“Oh, I know what it means. It means ‘wonderful’ or something.”

“Yes, that’s right. I also meant “I understand”.”

Well, I didn’t know that.

I was splashing water on the Lida vigorously while admiring her. Oh ……, shoot!



Quite a bit of water pressure hit Lida’s b*****s, causing them to bob and sway–aaaahhhh……!

What a sight!!

But I dare say.