The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 104

The President hugs and won’t let go

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, of course, I’m going to freeze. President, you’re wearing that …”

“Oh, I’m a little too lightly dressed.”

The president looked almost as calm as usual, with only a slight blush on her cheeks. But still, she looked so attractive with just a shirt on. She has a nice, healthy, whip-smooth figure, and her thighs are perfect.

“Let’s go check out the Internet, shall we?”

“Yes, please do.”

I went into the president’s room.

I mean, the president’s room is too unknown. I understand that it has the same structure as my room, but that’s not the point.

But that’s not the problem.

A chandelier on the ceiling that emits daylight colors. A wide sofa under it. How did they get that thing into the room!? That’s cool. And all those cushions. The glass table is cool, and the huge TV that looks like it could be 40 inches wide. The interior design was somewhat un-girly.

“It’s like a high-class hotel room. It’s cool.”

“No, no, it’s nothing special~.”

It’s a big deal, though.

Well, it’s more about the Internet.

I got permission to look at the president’s laptop… is indeed disconnected. That means it must be a modem or router setting. I check around there and set it up.

The president was bending forward to watch me work. When she bends over like that, I can see her chest through the gap in her shirt. I’m very torn about whether I should mention this or not. But it’s not often that I get to see the valley of the …… president… I’ll be grateful for the eye candy. So I said….

“It’s going to take a little longer.”

“I see. Then, I’ll be watching over you.”

Seriously? You’re going to stay there? I can look at this snow-white valley up close? Is that the best you can do? Okay, I shall dare to delay the work…

Hmmm…a spectacular view.

“It’s done, President.”

“It’s true, the Internet is connected. Thank you, Oojirou.”

“No problem, it’s no trouble at all. Thanks to you, I was able to peek into the president’s private life, and I feel like I’ve gained something.”

“I’m embarrassed to admit that……. Yes, I would like to thank you.”

Clapping her hands, the president suggests. I’ve already received more than enough thanks.

“No problem, this is free of charge.”

“No, no, no, I can’t do that. Well, how about a hug right here?”

“H…… hug!?”

You mean hugging this thinly clad president, right? What’s that, that’s the best…!? Before I could do it, the president jumped at me.

The president’s entire body enveloped me.

She is slim but has a strong embracing power.

“How do you like it?”

“I’m not sure what to think. …… The president is very soft, isn’t she? It smells good, and its …… too n*****y.”

“Yes, you can push me down like this if you want.”

Wait, what ……!

What an unexpected turn of events.

Something about the president’s red face, and I’m caught in the middle of it, my face is boiling. Of course, as a man, that makes me happy. But if I did that, tomorrow would be awkward!

I was not a coward, but I said no, looking ahead to the future.

“I’ll stop for now. But the hug is nice.”


The president seems happy and contented. Maybe she was lonely being by herself.

–I ended up hugging the president for about 15 minutes. I tried to pull away, but the president wouldn’t let me go.

Still, …… hugging each other is a surprisingly rapid passage of time ……. It was surprisingly instantaneous. I’m sad to leave, but I’m also worried about Lida. And we also have plans to go to the amusement park tomorrow. We need to get ready and go to bed early.