The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 105

A Kiss at Midnight

After finishing the critical mission of fixing the president’s internet, I went back to my apartment. As soon as I opened the front door, there it was.

“…… Ah!”

“…… Oojirou.”

Lida was hanging around in her underwear, though it was her back. It looked like she had just finished taking a bath. She was bold enough to walk around in that kind of attire.

“Get dressed, Lida!”
“Hey, Oojirou …, your timing is too bad! I thought it was going to take a while at the president’s place.”

“It didn’t take that long.”

“Oh, yeah, right.”

Lida rushed back to her room. With a blush like that …… No, well, thanks to you, I got to see something good. Back view.

…Well, let’s get ready for tomorrow.

I finished my preparations while working in my room. It was already late. I was about to go to bed when I heard a voice from the other side of the door.

“Hey, hey, …… Oojirou.”

“What is it, Lida? You can come in.”

…What’s up with Lida? 

Her eyes are red or …… teary-eyed. Did she miss me? No, that’s absurd. I’m was so close, she can see me anytime she wants…


“You’ve got a few tears in your eyes. What’s wrong, Lida?”

“You know, I was watching a hero movie and I was so moved.”

Oh, that’s your problem, huh?

The movie is about a giant purple alien who annihilates half of the human race with a snap of his fingers, and heroes rise up and take revenge in order to get back their lost families and the human race. Of course, I know the story.

–In the end, one of the heroes defeats the purple bad guy in exchange for his life. I remember I cried a lot during that scene. And then, the funeral scene made my tear gland collapse. Fans of the film would definitely cry at that scene.

“I know that feeling.”

“Oh Oojirou, I can’t stop crying.”

“But how could you watch a movie that’s three hours long?”

“I watched it at double speed.”


Lida was a double speeder.

I’m not impressed. ……. But there are people who watch anime at double speed, and I do it sometimes. I wish people would at least watch good movies at normal speed.

“I know what the movie is, so let’s go to bed. I have an early day tomorrow.”

“Yes, I’ll go to bed. Can I sleep with you?”

Lida said this with a slight tilt of her head as if she were a child. Too …… cute? I’m not sure how I could turn this down.

“I understand. I don’t want you to have trouble sleeping. Bring a pillow.”

“Woah~! I can sleep with Oojirou. ♪”

She’s in a good mood.

If Lida is happy, I’m happy too.


As I lie down on the bed, Lida sneaks in. She creeps in and covers half of my body. …… Wow, the warmth is amazing. I didn’t expect such close contact.

“Lida, don’t tell me you can’t sleep because you’re so excited to go to the amusement park.”

“I’m not a child. I’ll be fine.”

“I’m excited too much for that. My heart’s been beating like a drum the whole time.”

“Ah…you know what I mean? I’ve never been to an amusement park before, and this is my first time with Oojirou. I’m looking forward to it.”

I was so excited when she kissed me on the cheek. I might not be able to sleep at night. Well, I guess I should be prepared for a lack of …… sleep because of this proximity.

“Didn’t you go when you were in Russia?”

“Oh, there’s an amusement park and a zoo in Moscow. I’ve never been with a man before.”

“I see. By the way, Fuji Q Highland has the best haunted house called “Shiver Labyrinth”. I’d like to go there.”

“Ehh…a haunted house. Ugh.”

She’s usually too scared to watch horror movies. Maybe she doesn’t like realistic ghosts. Well, that’s worth a visit.

“I think I’ll go to sleep. Good night, Lida.”

“……Yeah, Oojirou. I’ll give you a goodnight kiss.”

I can feel the soft touch on my lips.

With some sweet kisses, I was a sleeper. Maybe …… this will help me get a good night’s sleep. Good night.