The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 106

Living together – Day 36 Summer Vacation ③

The Russian girl’s skirt is too short.

The sound of gongs and blessing bells echoed.

A wedding in the early morning? … No, no. This is an alarm ringing from my phone.

Who set it to such a loud sound? …… Oh, me, … Yes, I’m going to “Fuji-Q Highland” today, so I set a strong alarm so I don’t oversleep. That woke me up.

I slowly get up and untangle my dull limbs. First, let’s go wash my face.

As I headed to the bathroom, I heard a noise coming from the bathtub. … Ah, Lida must be taking a morning bath. In the basket was a pair of underwear. What a familiar sight it is already.

“Good morning, Lida. Pardon me, but I’m going to wash my face.”

“Good morning, Oojirou. You can peek, but please don’t peek~”

Which one is it? … I said in my mind and washed my face.

It was six in the morning. The meeting time was seven, so there was still an hour or so to spare. However, time passes when you have to get ready for something, and I can’t afford to be complacent. I had to make sure that I was dressed properly for going out with the girls.

–Some time passed, it was ten minutes before the meeting time.

“Lida, we should get out of the apartment.”

“Wait, Oojirou.”

Lida’s preparations looked like a lot of work.

It’s a lot of work for a … girl to have that long silver hair that reaches down to her waist and to do light makeup. It took her until the very last minute to finish.

I was still waiting at the entrance. However, I was communicating with Azusa and the president on my phone. It seemed that they were already waiting outside.

I waited and waited, and finally Lida showed up. …Oh. A refreshing mini-skirted dress with a checkered pattern, huh? It boldly exposes her thighs.

It’s too dazzling …

“Wait, Lida, isn’t your skirt too short?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I was hoping Oojirou would like it.”

“I’m unconditionally happy. But…”

“Why are you so worried about me?”

“Lida’s so cute, I’m worried someone might take a sneak picture of you.”

” That’s all right then. Oojirou will protect me.”

When you request me with such a smile, I have no choice but to protect you. That’s right, all I have to do is protect Lida. And besides, she’s all dressed up like this. I’ll be grateful for the eye candy.

“All right, all right. We’re going to leave now.”

“Ah, just thirty more seconds.”

Lida stayed close to me, put her arms around my neck and gave me my first sweet kiss of the day. However, there was no time to waste, so I pulled away immediately. I was so stunned that my brain almost melted in excitement…

Outside Kamchatka-so, Azusa and the president were spotted. Azusa was dressed in steampunk-style plain clothes and jeans shorts that emphasized her fit and healthy limbs. It suited her soooo well. What a different world we live in!

The chairman was wearing a pair of neko headphones and an air-conditioned hoodie. At first glance, she looks rather warm,… but her face somehow looks cooler. Oh, yes, I forgot, I forgot that this person was also a bit out of this world.

“Good morning, Azusa, president.”

“Good morning, Azusa-chan. Suzu-san.”

Lida and I greeted simultaneously.

Both Azusa and the president returned the greeting at the same time.

“Good morning, you two~♪.”

“Good morning, Oojirou-kun and Lida-chan.”

Finally, everyone gathered.

Just before 7:00. Finally, it’s time to go. We are headed for Fuji-Q Highland.