The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 107

Shinkansen Trip

Head to Bentenjima Station and take the train to Hamamatsu Station.

We changed trains and boarded the Shinkansen.


It was a two-hour ride from Hamamatsu Station to Fuji-Q Highland. Haruka-san paid for the transportation. What a generous person to even pay for our transportation. I will have to thank her when I get back home.


The Shinkansen was a “reserved seat,” so we were able to sit down without any difficulty. By the way, I had the window seat, and Lida had the seat next to me. The president was on the right side of the front seat and Azusa was on the left side.


“We are finally leaving, Oojirou.”


Lida laid her head on my shoulder. Our hands naturally overlapped and held each other, and we felt as if we were lovers. If the two people in front of us saw us, we would have a lot of explaining to do … but fortunately, neither the president nor Azusa noticed us as they looked around.


“It’s not a bad idea to go on an excursion once in a while. It’s been a long time since I took the bullet train.”

“Let’s do lots of n*****y things.”


Lida whispered in my ear with a mischievous look on her face. My heart skipped a beat at such a stimulating request. What if they hear us?


“Hey, Lida. That’s forbidden.”



While saying that, Lida turned on the camera on her phone. She took a series of pictures of herself and me in the corner of the screen. She was taking two shots.


If she was making those strange noises, she would have been noticed by the others.


“Oh, Lida-chan, you’re so unfair. You promised you wouldn’t do anything!”

“Sorry, sorry, Azusa-chan.”


Had they made such a secret agreement?

The president also leaned forward and complained.


“Lida, since we’re here, let’s take a picture of all of us.”

“I know, sorry. Okay, let’s all take one picture together!”


She apologized and turned her back to the president and Azusa’s side. I followed. I was worried that I might not be able to get enough … shots because I was using my phone. Everyone was in the screen. After taking a quick picture, Lida sent it to the line group.


Everyone was smiling, including me.



We arrived at Mishima station.

It took about an hour to get here. The scenery changed in no time. After getting off the Shinkansen, we would take a bus for about an hour. However, the president, who was in the lead, went through the bus stop.


“Huh? Aren’t we taking the bus, President?”


I asked, and she grinned. I have a bad feeling about this…


“Everyone, this way.”


Where are we going?

We’re going in a direction we have nothing to do with. What the heck, Fuji-Q Highland has been abandoned? Just when it seemed like we were about to give up on Fuji-Q Highland, a familiar car appeared.




Lida shouted in surprise.

That’s no wonder. That car…


“We’ve been waiting for you, Oojirou-kun, Leah-chan, Azusa-chan … and Suzu!”


A dark, plain-clothed lady gets out of the car. Her black hair was swept away and she appeared in all her splendor. Ah, there is no mistaking this adult’s charm.


“Haruka-san, why are you hereeeee ……!”


Yes, it was my boss at work, “Haruka Shinonome”. Oh well, this was the plan all along! I mean, I don’t know why she’s ahead of us at Mishima station.


“No, I’m sorry~. I didn’t get around to arranging the bus and couldn’t make it in time. Our reservations were all booked up… How was your trip on the bullet train?”


“It was great, very comfortable, nothing to complain about.”


“That’s good to hear. I’ll drive you from here.”


But it’s no use if we can’t get on the bus. I’m going to take Haruka’s word for it. We got into the car.