The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 108

Fuji Q Highland

We finally departed from Mishima Station.

The car driven by Haruka-san sped up and we were going within the legal speed limit. Before getting into the car, a deadly battle broke out between the three girls over the seat next to mine, but as I thought, Lida was strong in rock-paper-scissors …


Both Azusa and the president lost.

After all, it was Lida sitting next to me.




Lida happily stuck to me. Incidentally, the car is designed to seat two, two, three, three… total of ten people from the front seat. So it was Haruka in the driver’s seat, Azusa in the passenger seat, the president behind her, and me and Lida further back by the window.


“Then we’re off!”


Finally, the care started to drive off.



After nearly an hour of rocking, we finally arrived at Fuji-Q Highland. Except for a restroom break, we had been driving for almost the entire time, and my back ached.


It was just before noon.

I was hungry, as expected.


“There is a restaurant in Fuji-Q Highland, so let’s eat there.”


The president suggested, and we decided to eat there. The first thing to do was to enter Fuji-Q Highland. As we headed there, Haruka-san stopped.


“Hey, isn’t Haruka-san coming?”

“I’ll come later. I won’t get in the way of your youth. I’m a guardian, so I’ll be watching from afar.”


Oh, a mature response.

I should say that Haruka-san is indeed the best.


Well, we’re off.


“Okay… Oh, I’ll give you some allowance, Oojirou-kun.”




A lot of money sent to “PoyPoy” electronic wallet… Wait a minute. That’s an eye-popping amount of money. I can’t accept such an amount of money.


“Use it carefully.”

“No, no, I can’t accept 100,000.”

“It’s okay. Just make the most of this time you have today.”


“I will give a ‘chu~~’ to a girl who is not honest with me.”


Haruka-san’s lips were turned to me.

Lida and the others were surprised and impatient.

This was not good.


“Uh… I understand. I’ll take it.”

“Good. Have fun! But don’t get too carried away.”

“Yes, I know.”


After parting with Haruka-san, I started moving with Lida, Azusa, and the president. I explained to the three of them Haruka’s position, and they agreed with me.


So, we immediately went to the reception desk. We entered the park with a free pass and finally set foot in Fuji-Q Highland. So this is an amusement park.


“Isn’t that the famous roller coaster?”


Azusa pointed at the roller coaster and said with a burst of excitement.


“I’m curious about that one, too!”


The president’s eyes lit up like stars.


“I want to go.”


Lida wants to go that way.


I’m interested in JET-FUJI. It is said to be the world’s scariest roller coaster. Of course, there are many other attractions that are scary.


There are spinning ones, towers, splashing ones, and “Shiver Labyrinth” which is the centerpiece of Fuji-Q Highland. It is a haunted house, but it is so high level that some people give up and run away halfway through.


After a quick examination of the attractions, the first thing to do is to have lunch.