The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 109

Heartwarming lunch time

We moved to the food court and sat down at an empty table. I thought sparks would fly again over who would sit next to me, but it turned out to be the same seating order as on the bullet train. Lida sat next to me. The president sat in front of me. Next to her was Azusa.


It seems that ordering was done by a “touch panel” system, which is very popular nowadays. So-called “self-ordering system”. It’s easy and convenient.


“Oh, it’s so convenient, isn’t it?”


Azusa was holding the terminal in her hand, and was very excited.

I understand that feeling.

And the touch panel has only recently become popular.


“You can operate it like a smart phone and choose!”


Being a Russian child, Lida’s eyes went blank. Yeah, I guess it’s rare even for someone like her. But it seems to be permeating all the major restaurants these days.


Choosing from the menu, I wondered what to order. Then, the president of the company chose “chilled chuka”. A true summer tradition. That’s a good choice.


Following her, Azusa chose “Peperoncino” which is full of vegetables. I was surprised at the number of noodle dishes. I was tempted to go with that one, too, but…


“Which one do you want, Oojirou?”

“I’m having a hard time deciding, too. I’m sorry, I’m indecisive…, but I think I’ll have this thick curry with pork cutlets. Curry tastes good no matter what season it’s served in.”

“Oh. I’ll have that one too.”


It was decided. I proceeded to the menu screen and clicked “Order”. All we had to do was wait. How easy it was! I was impressed by the good times we live in, when the president asked me what I wanted to ride.


“Oojirou-kun, which one would you like to ride after lunch?”

“Ummm… I’m not sure if I want to go on the ‘Shiver Labyrinth’.”

“That’s not a ride, but I’m not a fan of scary …”


Well, it seems that the president is not good at scary things. This is good information. I am sure it will be fun. On the other hand, Azusa was lively. Maybe she’s the type that likes haunted houses? She seems to like ghost shows. While I was thinking this, Azusa said.


“I agree. I like anything scary!”


I knew it!

She also mentioned something about aliens before, and maybe she likes to think in a radio-oriented way or maybe she’s just purely occult. Me, too.


But I’d rather do it later anyway. I’m the type of person who saves the fun for last. So let’s enjoy the roller coaster first. I suggested this, and everyone agreed. It’s decided.



Fresh red tomatoes cut into half-moon slices. Golden broiled eggs. Fresh shredded cucumber and ham. A strong beam of mayo, as if to say, “This is it! Oh my God, there are so many ingredients, I can’t see the noodles. What a monster this is!”


“The President is amazing…”


Lida, who was new to Japanese food, was astonished. No, this one scared even me. I’ve never seen chilled chilled chuka that looks so good that it makes me drool. Amazing, Fuji Q Highland.


And then there was the “Peperoncino” with lots of vegetables. The aroma of garlic and extra virgin olive oil stimulates the appetite. Cabbage and broccoli are also plentiful. It is simple, but looks delicious. The lovely red peppers and shredded bacon are also exquisitely scattered and artistically arranged.


Finally, Lida and I ordered the “Thick Katsu Curry”. The name is true to its name! The curry sauce was well-cooked and dark in color. It was served in a sauce pot that you would only see in a curry specialty restaurant. I was so excited that I wondered if I was in an Indian restaurant.

And then there was the main dish of pork cutlet served on a fancy plate. The fox color was definitely a cutlet. And I couldn’t leave it behind. A set of pickles. This is perfect. Needless to say, it is absolutely delicious.