The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 110

The most terrifying roller coaster

Full stomach and full of energy.

Thanks to Fuji Q Highland and its staff for such a delicious lunch.


We paid our bill and left the restaurant. Early on, Lida turned around and looked at us expectantly.


“Let’s get on with it and ride something!!”


The area around us was crowded with attractions. There were screams coming from the roller coasters, and it looked like fun.


“Well, let’s start with the world’s scariest one, the JET-FUJI!”

“Eh~, suddenly!?”


Azusa is super scared.

She looks pale.


“Wait, Azusa. No way, a roller coaster…”

“I am bad at roller coasters!”


For all that, her face looks frantic.

Her arms and legs are trembling, too.

Oh, this is a bad.


“Azusa-chan is afraid of heights.”

“Aah! Suzu-chan, I told you not to tell on me!”


What, that? The person in question was clutching at the president with tears in her eyes…Good grief. But we can no longer stop our steps. The time was approaching every second.

I got in line for the most dreaded “JET-FUJI”.


“I heard there was a 15-minute wait.”

“Ugh…, are you sure you want to get on~?”

“Azusa, how could you decide to go to Fuji-Q Highland when you’re in such a state?”

“Because I want to play with everyone! Aren’t you scared?”

“I’m afraid of heights too, but it’s not like I want to see something scary… Oh, come to think of it, I’ve never been on a roller coaster before in my life.”




Lida, Azusa, and the president were all surprised. What’s so surprising? But I was getting… nervous when they gave me that suspicious look.


I might have regretted it a little.


“I’m sure you’ll be fine, Oojirou. I’m here for you.”


Lida’s wonderful smile saved my life. I was so happy to be able to move forward… I was relieved to know that Lida was there to help me.


As I was relaxing, it was time for me to take my turn. Surprisingly, it was early.


We entered the entrance and boarded a standard trolley-type roller coaster, which was parked at the starting point. I was in the front row, and Lida was in the seat next to me. Behind me were Azusa and the president.


…Wait, I’m in the front of the line!!!


“Hey, come on, are we lucky or unlucky?”

“Oojirou, calm down. I’ll give you lots of kisses later.”

“It’s not about that. It’s just fear in the front row.”

“Oh, no, it’s all right. Come on, I’ll hold your hand.”


Lida’s small hand clasped mine.



It’s so warmmm!!


As all hell breaks loose, the sirens sound and the safety bar came down. It was finally time to depart. I’m suddenly having heart palpitations.


If I don’t do something, I’m going to die!!


“I’m getting off, I’m getting off right now!”


“Oojirou!? You can’t do it anymore!”


I tried to get off, but the bar prevented me from doing so. I mean, the signal to launch has already been given.


< “We’re going to launch!”>



Not good…

It started to move…


The roller coaster moves slowly and eerily. It goes more and more out and up the hill. Oh no, oh no, oh no! The scenery gets better and better.


The sky is blue, and I can see Mount Fuji. How white and blue. The best in Japan. But there’s no time to enjoy the view now!



“Hahaha…, this is worse than I thought.”


I’m feeling like I’m being hunted down slowly and steadily. I’m afraid of this. I’m very scared. …Now I can understand how Azusa feels. She seems to have already turned white and roaring, and the president is so relaxed. How can you afford to be so relaxed!


What a situation to analyze!


It finally reached its pinnacle.


And then …

The roller coaster is…

Descending at super speed…



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