The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 39

Living together – Day 5

Monday morning

“Get up. Hey, wake up Oojirou.”

I woke up in the morning to a pretty voice waking me up. Look who it is, it’s Lida. …… Oh, yeah, I fell asleep in Lida’s room last night.

“Good morning. Do I have to go to school today?”

“Good morning. Yeah, it’s time to get up.”

“Oh…., Lida’s already changed into her uniform?”

“Yeah. I made you breakfast. You should eat it.”

“Really? You’re like a bride.”


Lida is embarrassed, but when I think about it, she was changing her clothes while I was sleeping ……! Of course, it’s the uniform of Akizakura Academy.

I washed my face and went to the kitchen. On the table, there was a Japanese style breakfast. White rice, miso soup and salmon.

“It’s so Japanese!”

“Isn’t this amazing? I’m a skilled cook.”

“Lida, you can do housework, laundry and even cook?”

I felt guilty, but lately I had been leaving most of the work to Lida. I don’t like it, but I’m grateful for my position…

I have to contribute a little too. I can’t just burden Lida.

“There’s still thirty minutes to go. Let’s eat and then go to school.”

“Let’s eat together.”

I immediately put my chopsticks on the table.

First of all, the miso soup …… is delicious. The quality is comparable to a restaurant. Next, the rice is …… perfect. The salmon is cooked just right and I bite into it – no complaints there.

“It’s simple but delicious. How can it be so good?”

“I made it with love for you, Oojirou.”

“So that’s what the secret ingredient is. I get it.” 

After breakfast, we went to Bentenjima Station.

The train took us to Maisaka Station.

From there, it’s just a few minutes on foot to Akizakura Academy, where I follow my weekly school routine. But recently, I saw the head of the public discipline committee, Azusa Saotome, waiting for me in front of Maisaka Station, riding her motorcycle, a Volcity.

“Good morning, Saotome.”

“Good morning~. Oojirou-kun and Lida-chan.”

She still doesn’t look like a student, as usual.

“Good morning, Azusa-chan. You look great on your bike today.”

“Thank you, Lida-chan.”

Both Lida and Saotome greeted each other with a cheerful smile. The two of them have been getting along pretty well for some time now.

“Saotome, you live in Maisaka? Why are you waiting in front of the station every morning?”

“Yes, my parents live in Maisaka. Why am I at the station? Of course, to meet Oojirou-kun and Lida-chan.”

“Is that so?”

“Sorry, it’s half true. Half true, half false.”


“To tell you the truth, I’m driving early in the morning just to get the Volcity running. I need to let it run for a while.”

“I see. Oh well, we’re late, so we’ll go.”

“Okay, bye!”

Saotome goes ahead and starts driving.

I like it. It looks easy to move around. It’s cool to see her dashing away as always.

As I absentmindedly followed Saotome’s back, Lida came in front of me and blocked my view.

“Oojirou, let’s go.”

“Oh, yeah.”

She had a strange expression on her face.

Maybe Lida is a little jealous?