The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 98

Whose chest is better!?

“President, they’re about to …… find out.”

“I don’t care if they find out.”

“I’m happy, but please don’t.”

I’m happy to be honest, and I want to do this all the time. But I knew that the moment Lida and Azusa turned to me, there would be an awkward moment. I must avoid that.

After a little while, the president moved away.

At that timing, Lida and Azusa turned around. It was safe.

“Oojirou, we’ve arrived at Bentenjima Station~!”

“Ah, yes, Lida. Do the president and Azusa have POICA?”

Azusa takes out her phone.

The phone’s screen showed POICA. The app is very convenient, isn’t it?

“Perfect ♪”

So, all that’s left is the president.

“I’m going to go buy a ticket.”

“I understand. We’ll be waiting for you.”

I waved goodbye, turned around, and this time Lida jumped onto my right arm and Azusa onto my left.

“Hey, …… you two!”



Both Lida and Azusa stare at me with pouty faces. I didn’t think …… they had seen me and the president arm in arm earlier, …… or they had noticed it.

“No, it’s …… that both of you …….are touching me with your chests.”

“Oojirou’s fault that he’s delirious with the president.”

“Lida is right. It’s not good to keep things to yourself.”

That last one is for me to say.

But still, Lida’s b*****s are softer than marshmallows. I’ve had a lot of physical contact with her since we met, but I still can’t get enough of the feel of her b*****s, which are unique to this Russian girl.

They are not only big. They are elastic and firm. Everything is at its peak.

Azusa, on the other hand, has b*****s that are as ample as Lida’s. She is now wearing only a shirt with a design on it, instead of the rider-like clothes she wore when she came here on her motorcycle. She was so lightly dressed that her plumpness was emphasized as much as possible.

Both of them have wonderful b*****s, and they press them against my arms – what a heaven.

“Lida, Azusa…… a little bit, pretty close.”

“Which one do you prefer?”

“Oh, I’m curious about that too.”

They both ask me which b*****s I prefer. And there’s no way I can decide that…….! Both are different and both are good. I can’t throw them both away. I can’t make a choice. But it’s a feeling in the air that I have to answer. …… What will I do?

“I bought a ticket ……, what are you two doing! Oojirou-kun is troubled.”

Ah, the president has returned.

The president, who is raising her voice at the sight of this situation, pulls Lida and Azusa away from me. Thank God! Thanks to her, I didn’t have to answer.

“I didn’t get to hear your answer.”

“I agree, Lida. Let’s compete again next time.”

Lida and Azusa are disappointed.

Hey, what kind of competition!?

“Let’s go. The train is already coming.”

With the three of them, we went through the ticket gate.

A few minutes later, the train arrived.

We got on it and headed for Maisaka station.

The train was more crowded than expected, though not to the point of being packed. There are a lot of passengers today. Thanks to this, I was surrounded by Lida, Azusa, and the president near the doorway.

…… Wow, this is hard in a good way. Especially since Lida is in front of me. I’m having some kind of déjà vu. Yes, I’ve protected Lida in a situation like this before.

“Можно обнять тебя?” (Can I hug you?)

“Eh … what?”

“No, nothing.”

I don’t know what it was, but Lida had a very nice expression on her face and spoke Russian. Maybe a kiss. But unfortunately I can’t do it now because of the crowd.