The Russian girl sitting next to me is a kisser Chapter 99

Who will sit next to you?

We got off at Maisaka station and headed straight for the family restaurant. After walking about ten minutes, it came into view.

When we entered the restaurant, it was quiet for the prime time of the day. There were many families and a few students here and there. There was no sight of a single guy and three girls like me at …….

Thanks to that, I was standing out.

I felt like I was being stared at.

When I reached an empty seat, the three of them were not sitting down but staring at each other. Why are they facing each other!? Is this calm before the storm?

“What are Lida, Azusa, and the President doing?”

“….. Next to Oojirou.”

“I’ll sit.”

“No, no, I am.”

Ah, so they are arguing over who will sit next to me. This is going to be a big problem if they don’t settle it soon.

“Why don’t you just play rock-paper-scissors?”

“I agree with Oojirou, let’s play rock-paper-scissors to settle it right away.”

“I agree with Lida. What about you, Suzu?”

“I understand. Let’s play fair.”

The three of them looked at each other and clenched their fists.

What is this unnecessary tension?

I gulped.

They all look so serious!

Why is the air so tense, like in a battlefield!

“””Rock, paper, scissors ……”””

When they all pulled out their hands and…

All three pulled rock…


Just the same time, a hand sprouted from the other direction. Who is that?


“Yay, I won! I’ll sit next to Kamishiro-kun, right?”

“Huh, Haruka-san!?”

For some reason, my boss, Haruka Shinonome, is also at the family restaurant.  Her flower-patterned dress is lovely.

“Wait, why Haruka-san?”

Lida is surprised.

“I’ve seen this beautiful dark-haired woman before! She’s that driver, right?”

Oh, Azusa has been riding alongside us on a motorcycle at the time, wasn’t she?

“Haruka-san, why ……?”

The president became stunned with a pouting look on her face.

Of course, she would be surprised if her relatives suddenly grew from the ground. I would be surprised too. No, I would be scared.

And Haruka is sitting next to me.

“I’m just kidding. I just happened to be sitting right behind you.”

“Really, Haruka-san?”

“Yeah, it’s a huge coincidence. I’ve been working all day.”

It seemed to be true, and there was a laptop computer on the table. She was working at a family restaurant.

“Don’t surprise me~.”

“I didn’t mean to.  Kamishiro-kun … ah, a date with Lida, Azusa, and Suzu? You youthful boy.”

“Stop teasing me. Please leave quickly.”

“Yeah, yeah. See you later.”

Haruka-san is going back.

In the end, my seat next to me is…. Yes, it’s already a hassle. I’ll nominate myself.

Um…… I guess…..

“Ah, Lida. Don’t hesitate to come sit next to me.”

I pulled her arm and made her sit beside me.

Because I pulled her over so boldly in front of the other two, Azusa and the President…… or more precisely three of them if you include Haruka, were all a little bit surprised.

Lida’s face was bright red.

” ………….”

“Azusa and President, both of you, sit down.”

“Ah, uh, yeah.”

“Yes, of course.”

Finally seated.

How long is it taking?

I took the menu and hid my face.

I’m starting to feel embarrassed. Come on, let’s order quickly. I’m so hungry.

After we finished eating and left the restaurant, Haruka suggested:

“I’ll take Azusa and Suzu home.”

“Ok, I’m counting on you.”

Haruka-san had come by car and apparently parked it at a nearby municipal parking lot. That would be just fine.

“See you later, Oojirou.”

“Oh, Azusa.”

“I’ll call you later.”

“Yes, President.”

I finally got some time alone with Lida……. But she’s been quiet the whole time.

“Hey. You’ve been looking a little sick, Lida.”

“… No, it’s different.”


“Yeah, I was happy.”

Lida smiles, looking truly happy.

“What did I do?”

“You just picked me to sit next to you.”


I was frustrated because they couldn’t decide who was going to sit “next to me”. But I ended up choosing Lida.

“Why did you choose me?”

The reason is obvious.

“I want …… Lida next to me.”

I murmured quietly, as if I was confessing my crime. Hearing this, Lida’s face turned even redder and even her feet trembled.

“Oh, Oojirou!”


“… I love you ♡”

Lida hugged me and kissed me.

Intense and passionate.

This kisser……..

I guess that choice wasn’t a bad one.