The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 11

Someone to protect her.

Tl/ED: Bogdi

“I’ve never heard that before. Why am I going to be Luthi-san’s fiancée?”

Out of the blue, just out of the blue.

Fuyuka giggled over the phone.

“You didn’t know? I’m sorry.”

” And, you’re ignoring the intentions of those involved?”

Fuyuka said without a trace of regret. I know that Fuyuka didn’t make this decision.

“If I marry Luthi-san, Luthi-san’s mother’s company will belong to the Konoe family. Right?”

“That’s right. Political marriages are not popular nowadays, though. I’m pretty sure that’s what the head of the family wants.”

When Toru was kicked out of the Konoe family’s mansion, he lost his position as Chika’s fiancée.

Since then, he thought that nothing was expected of him by the main Konoe family, but now it seems that the Konoe family has decided to use Toru.

If the Luthi family’s company was a family business, they could send a relative of the Konoe family there to take over the company.

“I don’t care about me. I feel sorry for you, Luthi-san. I feel sorry for Luthi-san. To be engaged by a third party like this, without permission. ……”

“Isn’t that up to you, Toru-kun?”

“Up to me?”

“It’s up to me? – It’s up to Toru-kun to be Luthi-san’s ideal fiancée. If she loves you and can’t stop loving you, there won’t be any problem.”

“That’s absurd.”

“I think Toru-kun can do it. She’s welcomed to be your wife.”

“Don’t make fun of me, …….”

“I need the consent of Toru-kun and Luthi-san, you know. But it’s already been decided.”

Neither Toru, Aino, nor of course Fuyuka can change the decision of the Konoe family.

However, the engagement cannot take place without their consent.

If Toru and the others resist with all their might, as Aino tried to do, the situation might change.

For example, there would be no inconvenience for the company, if someone from the Konoe family other than Toru became Aino’s fiancée. I think that could be an option.

“Please let me think about it.”

“Please do.”

Fuyuka said this in a light tone as usual, and hung up the phone, saying, “See you later.”

(I’m in trouble. ……)

Toru was wondering how to explain to Aino.

Anyway, he decided to go back to the cafe, and as he entered the store from the underground mall, he noticed something strange.

Aino was sitting on the same seat. However, there were two young men standing around her.

The two tall men were grinning and talking to Aino.

(I wonder if they’re hitting on her ……)

Aino doesn’t stand out only in school.

A beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl in a school uniform would naturally attract attention. Moreover, Aino is small in stature and looks mature, so it must look easy for her to be approached.

When she was asked to give her contact information, Aino appeared troubled.

She turned her head down and was shaking.

Toru hurriedly returned to his seat.

When she sees Toru, Aino makes her face shine.


Aino’s face lights up when she saw Toru. She smiled happily, then suddenly she became confident and proud.

“I have someone I’m dating.”

“Is that so?” Toru was about to ask, when he realized that…

Aino is staring at him with an intense gaze.

In other words, Aino’s “boyfriend” was probably Toru, and she wanted him to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to fight off the pick-up artists.

Toru understood and smiled at the two men.

“That’s why, she’s my girlfriend.”

When the two men looked at each other, they simply left with a face saying “it can’t be helped”.

I looked at Aino with relief and she quickly grabbed the sleeve of my uniform.


“… I was scared.”

Aino then looked at Toru with slightly moist blue eyes.

Toru thinks that he must have been scared because he was surrounded by two men who were much taller than himself.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would come to this, when I left you alone.”

“No, thank you for saving me, Toru-kun.”

Aino said this, then covered her face and blushed. There is no reason to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.

Aino said quickly, as if to hide her embarrassment.

“This kind of thing …… happens a lot. But I don’t mind being alone and I can protect myself.”


Toru wondered if that was just bluffing.

Aino hesitates a little and then says in a very quiet voice.

Aino hesitated for a moment and then said in a very quiet voice: “I really wish I had someone to protect me.”

And then Aino looked at Toru with her jewel-like eyes. It was as if she was expecting something.