The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 2

Embracing a Tsundere Scandinavian Beauty



Kobunkan High School, which Toru attended, is located in the Higashi Ward of Nagoya City. It is an area where there are many difficult schools, and Kobunkan is a co-educational school with integrated junior and senior high schools.

It was a prestigious school where one could boast of attending Kobunkan in Nagoya.


When he passed the exam for the middle school of Kobunkan with his childhood friend, Toru thought that everything was going well.

Toru thought that everything was fine when he and a girl he had known since childhood applied to and were accepted by Kobunkan High School.

(EDN: This isn’t Aino btw)

She was the most beautiful girl in elementary school, and it was the same in junior high school.

For many boys, it was an enviable situation.

But such a dreamy situation didn’t last long.

(I hate …… myself.)


Toru murmured in his heart.


No matter how he tried, he couldn’t bring himself to like his current self.

Now that he was in his first year of high school, Toru felt quite normal.

His grades are not bad. He’s always been in the top half of the class.

But that was it. It’s not something to be proud of.


No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t go any higher than that. In this school, which is a preparatory school, there are people around him who are much better than him.

On the contrary, there were many people who were popular or were active in club activities even if their grades were not good.


However, Toru had absolutely no merit whatsoever. He quit his club activities.

He always acted friendly to his classmates. But that’s not the real him.

He is just making an attempt to stay in the background.

(I’m not hated, but I don’t have any strong relationships with anyone.)

After an incident in junior high school, he lost the friendship he had with a girl he had known since childhood.

Chika Konoe is the name of his former childhood friend. Chika’s name is always on the top of the list when they post the results of the regular examinations.

The regular exams at this school are very difficult, but she is a monster who gets almost perfect scores. Moreover, she is also an officer of the student council and the ace of the girl’s basketball team.

She is a sharp contrast to Toru. 

She was so good that she became a distant existence.


In junior high school, Toru was always compared to his childhood friend Chika. Toru was too embarrassed to say it, but he liked Chika, and he tried his best to become someone who could match her.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could never become someone who could stand next to Chika.

Toru was reminded of such a cruel truth. No matter how hard he tried, Toru was mediocre.


If that were all, it would have been fine.

Even though they were not as close as before, they could have continued to be friends.

However, an incident in junior high school hurt Chika. At that time, Toru did not help her in any way. On the contrary, he ran away from it…….


Toru owes Chika a lot, and Chika is disappointed in him. This is the reason why they can’t even talk to each other now.

Most importantly,……, Toru hated himself for it.

“Huh …”


When he sighed, the subway he was on arrived at Nagoya Station. Every day, he will change to the Japanese National Railways at the largest terminal station in the Chubu region and go home.


It was April, and he had just started his first year of high school, but since his school was an integrated junior and senior high school, there was little change in his life.


He goes to school and goes home alone every day. That’s it.

Even when he went home, Toru was alone. Both of his divorced parents are away from their house, so he lives alone. In the past, there were other people who could be called family members, but they no longer treat Toru as a family member.

However, that doesn’t mean that Toru doesn’t have things to look forward to.

(Let’s go to the bookstore, buy a new book and go home.)

Although Toru’s parents were not around, it was a relief that they were not in need of money. Toru’s mother was the daughter of one of Nagoya’s largest business owners.

There were several large bookstores in front of Nagoya Station, where he was transferring from. Toru walked into one of them.

Whether it’s a detective novel, a light novel, a new book, or a manga, Toru reads anything.

(Maybe I should be studying instead of doing that.)


(Anyway, I …)


He can’t catch up with Chika. He can’t keep up with Chika, He can’t keep up with his smart classmates, he can’t keep up with his father, who used to be a brilliant man.

(Then, how should I affirm myself in the future?)


Toru wandered around the bookstore, thinking vaguely.


He arrived at a row of paperback mystery books.

As expected from a large bookstore in front of the station, this bookstore had a good selection of books, but there was one problem.

The shelves are too high for a short person to reach the books on the top shelf. 

In that case, you have to bring a step stool to use.

When Toru saw the scene in front of him, he froze.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen this before.

There was no way he could mistake her.

You can see the beautiful golden flowing hair, clear white skin.

Just by looking at her profile, you can see that she has the features of an actress.

This is my classmate, Aino Luthi. She is of Finnish descent, and her forename is Aino and her surname is Luthi.


(Why is Luthi-san in such a place …)


The petite Aino is on a step stool, trying to reach a book on a shelf. She was wearing a blazer uniform, and like Toru, was probably on her way home from school.

Aino is a celebrity. She is a beautiful girl that everyone looks back at, and she is a foreigner. She always has a calm face and doesn’t interact with anyone.

Toru and Aino were in the same class in middle school, and we are still classmates, but I didn’t know much about his personality or behavior.

She was still his classmate, but he didn’t know much about her personality or behavior.

Toru decided to pretend he hadn’t seen her.


She was not someone he wanted to get involved with. Of course, Aino is an attractive and beautiful girl, even for an ordinary male student like Toru.

But whether or not he wanted to get close to her was a different matter.

Toru was not interested in other people to the extent that he dared to step into Aino’s lonely personality, which no one could approach.

Rather, he didn’t have the courage. He felt that Aino disliked men somehow, and even if he tried to get involved with her, it was obvious that she would reject him.

He knew that if he tried to get involved with her, he would be rejected.

Besides, Aino is too famous and a beautiful girl who stands out too much.

It’s too much of a burden to get involved with her. Just like his childhood friend Chika became a burden for Toru.


When he was about to turn around, Toru noticed that Aino had a desperate look on her face.


Aino looks desperate, stands on her toes, and reaches out.


Unlike the cold expression in the classroom, there was a human-like cuteness there. Toru was just a little interested.


(What book are you trying to pick up?)


It was out of luck that he stopped there.

As if she noticed his gaze, Aino turned around and gave him an “oh” look.

Then, with that, Aino lost her balance.

Originally, she was in a unstable position on the step stool, standing on her toes and reaching out …….

IIf you lose your posture, you will fall down in a flash. At this rate, you”ll fall off the step and hit the back of your head on the floor.

The moment I thought it was dangerous, Toru moved.

” Ahh!”

At the same time as Aino’s high-pitched scream, Toru held her in his arms.

Aino ,who fell behind, is caught in his arms. Aino’s golden hair was fluffy and messed up, and it fell into Toru’s hands. The sweet scent peculiar to the girl tickled his nostrils, and Toru was inwardly thrilled.


He suppressed his agitation and asked, “Are you okay?

“Are you okay? Luthi-san?”

“Yeah, yeah. ……”

 Aino nodded her head, then turned and stared at me with her blue eyes. And then he nodded his head.

“Renjo ……-kun?”

“That’s right, that’s right. This is Renjo, your classmate. Do you know my first name as well?”

(ED: What kind of pickup line is this….)

Toru couldn’t help but make a light-hearted remark. I thought she wouldn’t remember my first name anyway, so I asked her.

However, my prediction was wrong.

“Toru-kun, right?”