The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 31

With the momentum and flow of events, he pushed Aino down on the bed, but Toru didn’t know what to do after that.

Aino squeezed her eyes shut and said that she didn’t care what he did to her.

In her thin nightgown, Aino was very seductive.

If he suddenly kissed those little red lips……

Aino would be surprised and pleased.

Aino said, “Next time, I’ll try my best to get Toru-kun to kiss my lips.”

(But if it’s okay to kiss her ……)

Toru hadn’t even confessed to Aino yet. The sequence of events was outrageous.

First he got engaged, then he took a bath with her and touched her b*****s.

Then they should do it in the proper order, even now.

If Toru confesses his feelings to Aino, and Aino accepts, then they can kiss. Then, proceed to the next step. That’s all there is to it.

(But I don’t have the courage to do that.)

Thinking about what would happen if Aino rejected him, or if he hurt Aino, Toru couldn’t take the first step.

How can he be sure that he won’t disappoint Aino when he disappointed Chika? Also, does he really like Aino?

Aino has accepted her engagement to Toru because of her family’s situation, and she is actively involved with him, but does she really like Toru?

Toru promised Aino that he would do such things with her when he really cared for her.

And yet, right now, he’s letting the atmosphere get the better of him, and he’s covering Aino up by laying her down on the bed.

As Toru was in agony, Aino gently stroked Toru’s cheek with her right hand. The softness of her hand threw Toru off.

And as if Aino could read through Toru’s inner thoughts, she looked at him with clear blue eyes.

“I know that Toru-kun cares about me, but you don’t have to think about …… complicated things, okay? I think you should do what you want to do and what I want to do.”

“But if that happens, for example, if Aino-san really does get pregnant ……, it will be Aino-san who will be in trouble.”

“I won’t be in trouble, okay? If that happens, I’m sure Toru-kun will protect you.”

Aino smiled softly as she said this.

To be realistic, Toru and Aino’s engagement is at the behest of the Konoe family, a large financial conglomerate, so even if Aino were to become pregnant as a high school girl, the power of the Konoe family would probably take care of the school and the money.

Of course, he could and should do something to prevent Aino from getting pregnant.

But that’s not the point of the problem.

Once that happens, there’s no turning back. The most frightening thing for Toru was that Aino, who was as delicate and beautiful as glass, would get hurt.

As Toru froze, Aino whispered sadly.

“You’re not going to do anything to me?”

Toru was troubled. It’s true that it was Toru who pushed her down.

It was hard to withdraw from the atmosphere if he did not do anything at all.

When he thought about it, Toru and Aino were in close proximity on the bed, and Aino’s large cleavage was seductive and inviting to Toru.

Aino’s right hand moved from Toru’s cheek and lightly grabbed Toru’s arm.

Then, Aino moved Toru’s left hand and placed it over her own b****t.

Aino’s bold action startled Toru. The feel of her b*****s in his palm was very vivid.

Aino’s sapphire eyes shone provocatively.

And then she giggled mischievously.

“You like my b*****s, don’t you, Toru-kun? You’re always looking at my b*****s in a n*****y way.”

“No, that’s not true……”

“You’re a liar ……. But I’m happy that you’re looking at me in a n*****y way, you know?”

When Toru heard those words, he couldn’t resist pressing his hand on Aino’s b****t. Aino makes a sweet sound, “Hyah!”

Since Aino has gone this far, Toru can’t help but summon up the courage to do the same.

Toru takes a deep breath.

“Well, …… Aino-san, can I touch your b*****s?”

Aino’s face lit up and she nodded shyly.