The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 34

Asuka’s Counterattack

On the way to school, Aino was in a very good mood.

She looked like she was whistling, which was a little cute.

However, there is a problem.


“Aino-san, …… if you stick to me too much, I’ll be troubled …….”


Aino was grabbing Toru’s arm with both hands. The two of them had their arms around each other as if they were lovers.


As they did so, Toru’s arms seemed to be wrapped around Aino’s large b*****s.

Toru felt his cheeks heat up at the soft touch.


Aino chuckled.


“Why are you troubled, Toru-kun?”


“Don’t you understand ……?”


“Oh, Toru-kun, you’re embarrassed. So cute!”


Aino’s sapphire-blue eyes sparkled mischievously.



The stares of the people around him and the feel of Aino’s b*****s bothered him.

It would be crazy not to be embarrassed, Toru thought.


But Aino looked so happy that he couldn’t help it.

Instead, Toru whispered to her.


“It’s complicated when people call me cute when I’m a guy…….”


“I think you are not only cute, but also cool.”


Toru was taken aback by Aino’s direct statement.

He was caught up in Aino’s pace entirely.


Aino smiled happily.

She then squeezed Toru tighter and tighter.


“It’s like a date in uniform, isn’t it?”


“Well, I guess it is……”


When Toru affirmed, Aino nodded happily, “Right!”


The school is getting closer, and he can’t help but notice the stares of the other students.

He felt as if he knew some of them, which made him break out in a cold sweat.


And indeed, there was someone he knew.


They turned the corner of the road and there was a tall, slender girl.

She was wearing her school uniform a bit out of place, but she was quite beautiful.


It was their classmate, Sakurai Asuka.

Asuka noticed Toru and Aino and shouted, “Ah!”


And when Asuka saw Toru and Aino with their arms around each other, she blushed.


(This is awkward…….)


In the library, Aino said, “You said you wanted to have a child with me, Renjo-kun!” Asuka was also there when Aino made her bombshell remark.


At that time, Aino asked Asuka, “Do you like Renjo-kun?” He doesn’t know why Aino suspected such a thing, but ever since then, he hasn’t been able to talk to Asuka properly at school.


Asuka stopped and seemed to be taking a deep breath.

Then she came towards them and glared at Toru and Aino.


“Looks like Renjo-kun and Luthi-san are having a good morning, huh?”


“Well, we are fiancées.”


Aino smiles and answers.


Aino’s blue eyes and Asuka’s black eyes intersect, sparks flying.


Toru, who was watching from the side, was horrified.

Aino presses her b*****s against Toru as if to show them to Asuka. Toru was flustered and Asuka’s cheeks puffed out.


“We live in the same house, me and Toru, you know.”


When Aino told Asuka, she seemed to be shocked.

However, Asuka quickly recovered and grinned fearlessly.


“So, what about it? You’ve only recently started talking to him, right, Luthi? …… I’ve known Renjo-kun for much longer than you!”


Asuka declares to compete with Aino. Toru wondered why Asuka would want to compete with Aino in such a way.


Asuka and Toru were supposed to be in a partnership to “overthrow Konoe Chika!” But now, Asuka seems to have forgotten about Chika and is only looking at Toru and Aino in front of her.


Aino had a generous smile on her face.


“But from now on, I’m the one who’s going to get to know Toru-kun better, right?”


“That’s right. If things continue as they are, maybe that’s what will happen.”


Then, Asuka glanced at Toru and gave him an embarrassed look.

In a small voice, Asuka said.


“I lied to you the other day.”




“I said that I don’t like Renjo-kun. But that was a lie.”


Toru gulped. When he looked at Aino next to him, Aino was quietly staring at Asuka with her blue eyes.


Asuka’s face was red up to her ears.

Asuka then looked straight at Toru as if she had made up her mind.


“What would you do if …… I told you that I like you, Renjo-kun?”