The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 35

Because I am Toru’s

Asuka’s words were a shock to Toru.

Although it was in the form of a hypothetical, it was practically as if Asuka was saying that she liked Toru.

Toru was puzzled by the unexpected confession.

He couldn’t think of any reason that would make Asuka like him.

Asuka’s face was red with embarrassment.

“At first, I talked to Renjo in order to defeat Chika Konoe.”

“But you fell in love with him while you were together?”

Asuka averted her eyes at Aino’s question.

” …… Renjo-kun listened to me carefully and didn’t make fun of me when I said I wanted to win against that perfect superhuman, Chika. The only one who understood me properly was Renjo.”

Toru couldn’t believe that. It was true that they had spent a lot of time together since the third year of middle school.

However, he didn’t even know that Asuka liked him.

But Aino smiled at Asuka’s words and murmured, “I understand.”

“I’m the same way.”

“That means that you also like Renjo-kun, right Luthi-san?”

“…… I became Toru-kun’s possession. Toru-kun is now mine, too.”

Aino was staring straight at Asuka with her blue eyes.

Asuka’s expression became flustered.

“That means that Renjo and Luthi-san……”

“We took a bath together and slept in the same bed. …… and Toru-kun did a lot of n*****y things to me.”

Aino’s cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

(Gosh, that’s a misleading way of putting it…….!)

It wasn’t half a misunderstanding, though, because he did touch her b*****s.

The way she said it, it sounded as if they had done it all the way.

As Toru was about to open his mouth to make an excuse, he noticed tears in Asuka’s dark eyes.

“Um, Sakurai-san? There’s a deeper reason for all this……”

“…… Renjo no Baka!”

Asuka wiped away her tears with her fingers and ran off towards the school.

When Toru was looking at Asuka in dismay, Aino next to him tugged on his uniform sleeve.

“Hey, Toru-kun.”


“If a cute girl like Sakurai-san confesses her love to you, I bet Toru-kun will be happy, right?”

“Well, that’s …….”

It would be a lie if he said he was not happy. Asuka was straightforward, cheerful, and fun to talk to, and Toru did not dislike her.

He respected the way she repeatedly challenged Chika, and as Aino said, Asuka was quite cute.

If it weren’t for Aino, how would Toru have responded to Asuka’s confession?

But now, Toru has Aino.

Aino looked at Toru anxiously. Toru guessed what Aino was worried about.

“Hey, I’m …… your fiancée, aren’t I?”

“Of course. I’m not going to say that I’m breaking off my engagement to you because Sakurai-san confessed to me.”


“I promised to help you, Aino-san, didn’t I?”

When Toru said that, Aino happily said in a lively voice, “I’m glad.”

For Toru, Aino was no longer just a temporary fiancée.

But he hadn’t confessed his love to her yet, and they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend yet.

However, it was clear that Aino was becoming an important part of Toru’s life.

Hopefully, it’s the same for Aino.

Toru thought this in his mind and then realized that he had gotten so involved with Aino that there was no turning back.

“Toru-kun ……, we can go to school together every day from now on, right? It’s not Sakurai-san or Konoe-san, it’s me that’s with you.”

“I’m Aino-san’s fiancée, you know.”

Toru said, then hesitantly and gently stroked Aino’s golden hair.

Aino’s blue eyes widened and then she happily accepted Toru’s hand.