The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 47

I like forceful Toru-kun, okay?


“I’m sorry for hugging you so suddenly.”

In the bathtub, Toru was hugging Aino.

Aino shook her head, and then her face turned red.

“No, I’m happy. I’m glad you’re here, but …… what’s up with you all of a sudden?”

“I just thought it would be better if I did.”

“You were hugging Konoe-san, so you did the same for me?”

Aino looked up at Toru with clear eyes.

Indeed, Toru hugged the crying Chika. He was embracing and comforting an almost naked girl.

From Aino’s point of view, it might have looked like a sign of Toru’s heteros****l affection for Chika.

But it wasn’t.

Toru took a deep breath, and then said.

“Konoe-san is my cousin and childhood friend, even though we have our differences. So I’ve always thought of her as family.”

“… I’m jealous……. I’m not …… Toru-kun’s cousin, and I’m not your childhood friend either.”

“But now my fiancée is Aino-san.”

Aino’s eyes widened and she stared at Toru.

Then she smiled happily.

“You’re right. You are …… mine.”

“Aino-san is also mine.”

Toru tightened his hold on Aino’s body. He felt Aino’s soft b*****s against his own chest, but he decided not to worry about it.

Toru had a debt to Aino. Aino seemed to be shying away from Chika.

This is due to the complicated emotions that Chika shows to Toru, as well as Toru’s words and actions.

Whether or not Toru has any unrequited love for Chika, it cannot be completely denied.

Even so, Toru accepted to be Aino’s fiancée. He also promised to help her.

(Besides, we did a lot of things in the bath and in bed yesterday. ……)

So he wanted Aino to stand tall and not hold back on Chika.

Aino was hugged by Toru and shivered.

“Toru-kun, you’re a little forceful today, aren’t you? But I guess forceful Toru-kun is not …… bad.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Yes. It is …… a pleasure to have you do things for me.”

Aino nodded shyly.

When Toru was told that, he decided to be brave and try it.

He gently stroked Aino’s butt from above the bath towel.

“Huh. Where are you touching? Ahhhh.”

Toru stroked Aino’s large butt with his hand. It’s also resilient and very comfortable to touch.

Aino breathed in raggedly and stared at Toru with jittery eyes.

“Toru-kun’s ecchi.”

“Aino-san also did something similar to Konoe-san, right?”

“Oh, that was ……. Oh, no!”

Toru’s hands slipped inside Aino’s bath towel and directly fondled her bottom. Honestly, Toru’s rational mind almost flew out the window.

Aino’s cheeks grew redder and redder, but she accepted him without resistance.

Then Aino gasped sweetly and looked up at Toru.

“Oh, mmm ……, not just my bottom …….”

“You want me to touch your b*****s too?”

Toru asked teasingly, but Aino kept her eyes down and gave a small nod.