The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 48

He’s like a bad boy

Aino was moaning sweetly as Toru rubbed her bottom.


“Oh, mmm ……, not just my bottom …….”


“You want me to touch your b*****s too?”


Toru asked teasingly, but Aino kept her eyes down and gave a small nod.


Seeing that Toru was upset, Aino giggled.


“It’s not just b*****s, you can touch me anywhere, you can do anything you want to me. I want you to make me …… yours.”


Aino’s whisper was bewitching, and it sounded horribly pleasant.

Toru gently pulled away from Aino.


He was in close contact with Aino and was fondling her bottom in an embrace, so in order to touch her b*****s, he had to move away from Aino once.


In her bath towel, Aino’s skin was slightly reddish, and she looked as if she was waiting and expecting Toru.


Toru gently reached out to touch Aino’s chest, but then stopped.

Today’s discovery was that Aino was weak to being attacked.


When Aino is approached in an unexpected way, she gets flustered. Toru thinks it’s cute that she’s like that, and Aino might not be happy if she just does as she’s told.


“Aino-san ……, let me wash you…”




Aino seemed surprised by Toru’s suggestion.

Then she squirmed.


“And Toru-kun will wash my body?”


“Yes, of course.”


“No, you’re going to do something n*****y…….”


“I’m not going to do that.”


Toru tried to say it, but he felt as if he was not convincing enough.


Toru lightly grabbed Aino’s arm. Aino shivered, but she didn’t seem unconcerned.

Toru took Aino’s hand and they got out of the bath together and walked to the shower.


He then pointed to a chair.


“Sit here.”


“Uh, yes…….”


Aino sat down nervously. And Toru stood behind her.

There is a mirror in front of him, and it shows Aino in a bath towel.


From the top of the bath towel, he could clearly see the gentle, supple lines of Aino’s body.

Aino puffed out her cheeks.


“I think Toru’s eyes are getting naughtier and naughtier…….”


“That’s what Aino-san made me do.”


“You make it sound like you’re a n*****y boy, don’t you?”


“I think you’re right.”


When Toru laughed and said that, Aino deliberately made a twisted expression.


“It’s wrong for you to be n*****y, Toru-kun.”


“Well, maybe you’re right. But it’s also wrong that Aino-san is so cute.”


When Toru whispered, Aino looked flustered. She seemed to be embarrassed by the word “cute”.

Then, Aino said as if she suddenly realized.


“Hey, when you wash someone, what do you do with the bath towel? ……”




It’s true that with the bath towel on, of course you can’t wash the body.

Toru made up his mind.


“Can I take off the bath towel?”


“Well, that’s …”


“You said I could do anything I want, right?”


“Toru-kun’s mean ……. But it’s okay. If you really want to see me naked, I’ll forgive you …….”


Aino’s blue sapphire eyes sparkled mischievously.

Yesterday, in the bath, he had stripped Aino naked and squeezed her b*****s, scaring her.


But now Aino didn’t look frightened, in fact she was looking at Toru expectantly.

Then Toru gently put his hand on Aino’s bath towel.