The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 49

He’s a boy

Toru quietly pulled down Aino’s bath towel. Then, Aino’s large b*****s were exposed, spilling out.


He then pulls off the bath towel.


The mirror shows a naked Aino, but Toru couldn’t help but look away.

Aino, on the other hand, looked calm and covered her b*****s and lower abdomen with both hands.


“Oh, you’re so calm.”

“It’s the second time.”


Aino said plainly.

It is true that yesterday, in the bathtub, Toru undressed Aino.


This time, however, she didn’t seem to be scared, and even seemed to be amused.


Toru picked up the body soap and started to wash Aino’s back with his hands.

Aino’s back was very small. She was a small girl, so it was natural.


When he took a closer look at her, he noticed that her skin was fine and looked like pure white snow.

He was reminded of Aino’s Scandinavian ancestry.


Aino murmured.


“Your hands are big, aren’t they?”


“I wonder if so…”


“Yes, they are.  You’re a …… boy, aren’t you?”


Aino mumbled, looking happy.



(For some reason, I feel like I could just go ahead and wash her body like a normal human being…….)


Originally, Toru said that he would wash her body when Aino provoked him to touch her b*****s as well.

The reason why he is touching Aino’s body with his bare hands is because he has evil thoughts.


But when he saw Aino honestly enjoying herself, he felt bad thinking about it.

At any rate, Toru tried to wash Aino’s back in the shower.


However, the water in the shower, which was supposed to be warm, turned out to be cold.

Toru was surprised by the coldness of the splashing shower water, but Aino was even more surprised to be showered right on her back.


“It’s cold!”


Aino screamed and jumped up and down.

In a panic, Toru turned off the shower and adjusted the temperature.


“I’m sorry. Aino-san, are you okay ……?”


Aino was nodding her head, but in a moment of surprise, she let go of the hands that were covering her b*****s and lower abdomen.


In the mirror, he saw Aino’s body without a single stitch of clothing.

She was petite, but her b*****s were large and slender, and Toru was thunderstruck by her slender limbs.

The cherry-red protrusions in the middle of her b*****s stood out like an invitation to Toru.


Aino looked flustered, and hurriedly tried to hide herself with her hands again, but Toru stopped her.


“Eh, Toru-kun ……?”


“I’ll wash your chest too.”


“Eh, but …… hiya!”


Toru put some body soap on his hands again and rubbed Aino’s b*****s from behind.


“Fluffy, and Toru-kun, …… there, no, …… ah.”


The tips of Toru’s fingers kneaded Aino’s n*****s, and Aino let out a sweet, high-pitched cry.