The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 54

Do It for Me?

“Besides, the three of us are going to sleep in the same bed. Toru-kun might attack us while we’re sleeping.”


Aino said such a preposterous thing.

Chika’s face turned red and her eyes widened.


The two beautiful girls are now sitting on the sofa in front of Toru. Both Aino and Chika are dressed in casual nightwear and shorts, so their white thighs are dazzling to the eye.

Moreover, their b*****s, large for high school students, were pushing up their shirts, and Toru couldn’t help but look at the bulges of their chests.

His eyes follow Aino’s b*****s as they lightly sway.


(Even though it was an accident, did I touch those b*****s earlier? ……)


Aino exclaimed, “Oh.” and looked happily back at Toru.


“Look, Toru-kun is looking at us with n*****y eyes too!”


Chika looked flustered and hugged her chest with both hands, trying to hide it. Then, she glared at Toru with a stern look in her eyes.


“You’re disgusting!”


Toru could not say anything back.

It was only natural for Aino and Chika to worry that they might be attacked while in bed.


But Aino seemed to be enjoying herself.


“I might be willing to be attacked by …… Toru-kun.”


“Luthi-san!? What are you talking about!?”


“Konoe-san is really the same, isn’t she?”


“I’m not a shameless girl like you! I have no desire whatsoever for Toru to touch my b*****s or to kiss me!”


“Konoe-san, you were the one who seduced Toru-kun with your school swimsuit.”


“I didn’t seduce him! Ah, I only wore it to keep an eye on you.”


“Yeah, yeah. You have to keep an eye on us, don’t you? That’s why Konoe-san also sleeps in the bed with Toru-kun and me, and you don’t mind if he attacks you, right?”


“Heh, I’m not okay with that! But …… we sleep together.”


Chika said and kept her eyes down. Her dark eyes were shaking uneasily.

Toru becomes worried.


“I don’t think Konoe-san needs to push herself too hard.”


“If I will not be there, I am sure that Toru and Luthi-san will do something …… weird.”


“We won’t.”


“Liar. You’re going to get her pregnant.”


At Chika’s words, Toru had an idea. There is only one bed in this house, and Toru and Aino sleep together. If that makes her uneasy, Toru can sleep somewhere else.


(If it’s just me, I might be able to sleep on the couch at least……)


It’s a little cramped, but there’s nothing he can do. However, when Toru suggested this, Aino and Chika looked at each other and both objected.

Chika’s argument was as follows.


“It’s bad enough that Toru has to sleep on the small sofa because of me.”


“You care about me?”


Toru couldn’t help but say so, and Chika nodded her head in embarrassment. They had been on bad terms until the other day, so things were out of order.


“Well, and …… I’m afraid I’m going to be too scared to sleep because of the movie I just saw. But with Toru next to me…….”


You can rest assured.

Chika seemed to want to say so. Chika looked at Toru with an upward glance.


“But you mustn’t ever attack me, you know.”


Chika said so and looked away pouting with red cheeks.

Aino looks at Chika and smiles softly.


“I want to sleep with Toru. Besides, I could sleep …… very peacefully if Toru was next to me.”


Aino said she had insomnia, but yesterday she did not seem to have it at all. She said it was thanks to Toru.

It made him a little uncomfortable, but he was glad to hear her say so.


“I might not be able to sleep today because I’m so nervous that Toru-kun might attack me.”


“I’m not going to attack you! What do you think I am?”


When Toru smiles and says this, Aino’s mischievous blue jewel-like eyes shine brightly.


“The boy who said I was pretty and wanted to have a baby with me. And my beloved fiancée, right?”


Told in a direct manner, Toru was embarrassed.

At that moment, Aino got up from the sofa and pressed her large b*****s against Toru, making him wince as he felt her b*****s through his T-shirt.


Aino whispered in Toru’s ear.


“Besides, I would love to make out in front of Konoe-san as your fiancée. Don’t you want to do that, Toru-kun?”


“Well, that’s ……”


He would be lying if he said he didn’t want to do it. At the same time, Toru did not have the courage to do such a thing in front of Chika.

However, Aino looked at Toru in such a flirtatious manner.


“He’s not going to attack Konoe-san, he’s going to attack me, okay?”