The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 55

Who sleeps in the middle?

In the end, Toru, Aino, and Chika ended up sleeping together in the same bedroom. The double bed is quite large, and sleeping the three of them side by side is not a problem in terms of space.


If there was a problem, it was that Toru might be too nervous to sleep.

More nervous than when he slept alone with Aino yesterday.


Toru glanced at the two girls. A petite, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, and a neat, beautiful woman with long, dark hair, both in the middle of the night in their unprotected nightgowns, in the same room together.


Aino is wearing a light pink nightgown and Chika is wearing light colored blue shirt pajamas.


Aino and Chika look at each other, then their cheeks turn red. It would be impossible for a first-year high school boy and girl to sleep in the same bed, if it were true.


Chika whispered, looking embarrassed.


“In the past, …… I and Toru used to sleep in the same futon, didn’t we?”


“Once upon a time.”


Toru and Chika were childhood friends and fiancées who lived in the same house. So, there were times when they slept in the same futon, but that was when they were children.

Now, they are aware of each other as the opposite s*x.


Aino tilts her head slightly.


“Who should sleep in the middle ……?”


The three of them sleeping side by side means that someone will sleep between the other two.

Chika giggles and puts her hand on her chest, a confident look on her face.


“If I sleep in the middle, I can stop you guys from getting n*****y.”


Come to think of it, Chika’s goal should have been to monitor Toru and Aino to make sure they don’t do anything n*****y.

Aino looked a little surprised and looked at Chika seriously with her blue eyes.


“Did you seriously intend to monitor me and Toru-kun?”


“I’ve told you so many times!”


“I thought Konoe-san also wanted Toru-kun to do that kind of thing and sleep in the same bed with him.”


“No, that’s not true!”


“I’m not sure. But is it okay? Then I’m sure there are some inconveniences with Konoe-san in the middle…….”




“If Toru-kun sleeps in close proximity to Konoe-san and feels n*****y, Konoe-san is the one who will be attacked, right?”


Chika’s face turned red when she heard this. If Chika slept in the center, she might be able to break the contact between Toru and Aino, but Toru and Chika would still be next to each other.


Of course, Toru has no intention of attacking Chika. However, Aino chuckled.


“Maybe it’s good for Konoe-san, too, because she can hug and kiss Toru as much as she wants.”


“I’m not going to do anything like that! Besides, if I’m about to do something weird to Toru, Luthi-san will stop me!


“Why would I do that?”


“Because, because ……”


Chika was at a loss for words. Chika came to watch Toru and Aino on her own accord and sleep in their bed on her own accord, so there was no reason for Aino to help Chika. In fact, Aino would probably stop her because she is Toru’s fiancée…….


Toru was perturbed to notice that Aino and Chika’s b*****s lightly swayed as they argued and spoke.

Because of their thin bedclothes, he could clearly see the movement of their b*****s. Of course, Toru has no intention of doing anything to either Aino or Chika here. However, Toru wondered if he would be able to keep his cool with those b*****s pressed against him.


Aino looks at Chika mischievously.


“Have you noticed? If Toru-kun does something n*****y to you, Konoe-san won’t get away from it.”


“Well, that’s …”


“If you get in bed with a boy in thin clothes and sleep with him in your arms, you could be attacked, and there’s nowhere to run. Still, Konoe-san, are you going to lie and say you don’t want to do something n*****y with Toru-kun?”


“I’m not lying. And, but …… I will allow Toru to do n*****y things to me for a little bit while if it’s to keep an eye on Toru and Luthi-san …….”


Chika kept her eyes down and whispered in shame.