The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 56

Konoe-san can’t win, can she?

Chika was completely taken in by Aino’s pacing and said she was fine with Toru doing “n*****y” things to her for a bit.


(How much is a little bit? ……)


Toru thought about it, and then shook his head. Toru had no intention of doing anything in the first place.

But Aino didn’t seem to think so.


Aino stared at Chika with a stern look.


“Look, do you want Toru-kun to do something n*****y after all?”


“I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to be made to do it, it’s that it can’t be helped!”


“I wonder if that is true.”


Aino tilts her head and then giggles.


“But it’s not fair that only Konoe-san gets to be n*****y. After all, it’s kind of obvious to lie in the middle.”


“Um, why?”


“Because then Toru-kun might do something n*****y to me instead of Konoe-san.”


“I won’t do anything suspicious to either Aino-san or Konoe-san.”


“I’m not sure. Toru-kun, don’t you want to do that kind of thing with us?”


Toru is also a healthy high school boy, and there is no way he is not interested in girls. It would be a lie to say that he does not want to do such things to Aino and Chika. They are both incredibly beautiful girls and have great style for high school girls.


But whether or not he would actually do something wrong to Aino or Chika is another matter. Aino is his fiancée and Chika is his childhood friend, and both girls are important to Toru.


But Aino took a step closer to Toru and squeezed his right hand. The cool touch of Aino’s small hand made Toru startle. He felt his cheeks heat up.


Aino looked at Toru with an upward glance and chuckled.


“How can you not be interested in my body when you turn red just by holding my hand?”


Aino pronounced the words “my body” a little slowly. The word has a strange allure to it.


Toru glanced at Aino. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty is petite but has a great figure, and her beautiful body is even more emphasized because she is wearing a …… indefensible nightgown.

The fabric of the nightgown is thin, so it is lightly transparent, and the cleavage of her ample b*****s is also quite visible.


It seems that Aino also understood where Toru was looking. Aino’s cheeks turned red and she slumped down.


“Even if you don’t answer me, I know you want to do something n*****y, Toru-kun. You were looking at my b*****s just now.”


“I’m sorry.”


“No, it’s okay. I’m wearing these clothes so that you can see them.”


Aino whispered in a small voice. In other words, she chose this nightgown to show off her large b*****s to Toru.

Chika’s cheeks swelled up.


“I knew that both Toru and Luthi had nothing but n*****y thoughts!”


“Oh, so Konoe-san is jealous because Toru-kun doesn’t recognize her?”


“I’m not jealous!”


“But you can’t beat me, Konoe-san. Even my b***s are …… made so that Toru can see them.”


After saying this, Aino hides her cleavage with her hands, perhaps feeling embarrassed. In other words, she seems to have intentionally let her cleavage show on purpose as well.

Chika’s mouth was gaping. She seemed to be trying to say something back, but she couldn’t say anything.


Aino was looking at Chika provocatively and amusingly with her blue sapphire eyes.


“If Toru-kun wants, he can do whatever n*****y things …… he wants to me. Because I am his fiancée. I’m not ready compared to Konoe-san, a childhood friend, who is willing to be n*****y for ‘just a little bit.'”