The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 58

Underwear …

“Toru-kun …”

Aino calls Toru’s name in a confused but sweet voice.

Toru was touching Aino’s large b*****s over her nightgown.

When Toru’s fingers touched the cleavage of her white b*****s, Aino wriggled ticklishly.

The reason why Toru took this action was to stop Aino from causing extreme mischief to Chika.

Aino was squeezing Chika’s b*****s from behind, and Toru did the same to Aino.

“Toru-kun’s way of touching …… is very n*****y.”

“Aino told me she doesn’t mind any kind of n*****y stuff being done to her.”

“Yeah, I know, but …… it might be a little embarrassing. Agh!”

“If you stop messing around with Chika, I’ll stop too.”

“You call her by her first name, ……’Chika’.”

Toru thinks, “Oh s**t”. I accidentally called her by her name like in the old days.

Aino looks back at Toru and glares at him with her eyes, while he continues to mess with her chest.

“I will never stop teasing Konoe-san.”

“Eh? But ……”

“So you can do what you want with me, Toru-kun, the cheater.”

Pouting, Aino turns her head to the side, but the next moment her flabby b*****s are being squeezed by Toru’s hands and she utters, “Mmmm”.

Chika was not happy about it.

“I knew it, Toru is a pervert!”

Aino giggles as her b*****s are touched.

“Konoe-san, are you jealous?”

“Of course not!”

“I’ll make you feel lovely instead.”

“What? Oh, no.”

Aino touches Chika’s b****t and Chika screams.

Toru touches Aino’s b*****s from behind, and then Aino touches Chika’s b*****s, creating a sort of two-person feud.

Aino puts her hand under Chika’s pajamas and tries to touch her b****t directly.

“Not inside my clothes!”

“You’re a shy one, Konoe-san. How can I ask Toru-kun to touch me if we girls are shy around each other?”

“I’m not going to let Toru touch me! Hyah, oh no.”

“Konoe-san’s reactions are cute. Toru-kun might be tempted too…….”

Aino stopped speaking there. It was because Toru was about to put his hand under Aino’s nightgown.

“And, Toru-kun ……?”

“I’m just doing the same thing Aino is doing.”

“Oh, that’s right …”

Aino seemed troubled and embarrassed. However, she had no intention to stop teasing Chika.

Aino whispered happily.

“It’s embarrassing, but it’s like a reward for me. That may not stop me.”

Apparently, just touching her b*****s is not enough. Toru decided to try a little more aggressive.

Toru noticed when he was about to boldly touch Aino’s b*****s.

He had thought that Aino had underwear under her nightgown.

However, he was wrong.

Aino giggles.

“Girls take off their bras when they go to bed, right? Didn’t you know?”