The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 59

Is that a reward?

Girls take off their bras when they go to bed. 

That’s what they say, but Toru was completely unaware of this.


Toru’s hand went under the nightgown and directly touched Aino’s b****t from behind.


Toru hurriedly released his hand.


Aino looked back at Toru with a curious expression.


“You touched me a lot in the bath, you don’t have to be shy now.”


“Oh, things are different than they were then.”


He knew she was naked then, but he did not expect to touch her b*****s directly now.

Moreover, it was also right in front of Chika’s eyes.


Aino giggled and looked mischievously up at Toru.


“Toru’s so shy. You could have touched me more.”


Saying this, Aino pulled the hem of her nightgown to emphasize the rather transparent clothing and showed it to him.

This naturally emphasizes her cleavage.


Aino then took a step closer to Toru.


Toru involuntarily backs away and falls down when his feet hit the bed. Following Toru, Aino also climbed onto the bed.


She then got down on all fours and leaned over Toru in a flirtatious manner.

The bust of the originally large nightgown was spread out at the bottom, revealing the white cleavage of her b*****s. In fact, it is almost as if her entire chest is visible.


“Toru-kun …”


Aino called out Toru in a sweet, quiet voice. The two of them are on the bed, both of them are wearing light clothing.

Toru’s eyes were glued to Aino’s b*****s, and he was about to lose all sense of reason.


When Toru leaned forward, Aino uttered a small “hya-un” and her b*****s shook tremendously.

If she had stayed like that, Toru might have done something to Aino.




“……Luthi-san. I’m going to get even with you!”


“Eh? Agh, Konoe-san!?”


Chika was attacking Aino from behind, grabbing her ample b*****s.


Aino tries to escape, but her position on the bed, on all fours, does not allow for easy escape.


“Hey, hey ……, don’t touch my b*****s!”


“I’m going to give you a taste of the humiliation I just experienced!”


“Konoe-san is a bit of a wicked …… character…. Oh, I’m kidding, so stop it.”


Toru watched the two beautiful girls engage in a passionate exchange with a blush on their faces.

Chika, who had been teased with her b*****s earlier, also had the bosom of her nightgown shirt wide open, and whenever she rubbed Aino’s b*****s, her own b*****s swayed as well.


(And I wonder if Chika is not wearing a bra either……)


Toru thought about this and shook his head, bobbing his head to the side.


Eventually, after a while, Aino surrendered to Chika.

Aino mumbled, “Ugh.” and looked shyly at Toru and Chika.


“I’m sorry. I was a bad girl for teasing Konoe-san…….”




Chika’s chest heaves with satisfaction as Aino apologizes. As usual, her b*****s are exposed, and Toru has trouble looking at her.

Aino glances at Toru.


“Hey, Toru-kun. Can’t you punish me for being a bad girl?”


“What kind of punishment?”


“Like a n*****y punishment.”


When Aino said this, Chika looked outraged.


“That’s a reward, isn’t it!”


Toru and Aino looked at each other.

Aino then turned her smirk to Chika.


“Is being n*****y with Toru-kun a reward for you, Konoe-san?”


“Well, it’s not like that…..”


“You’re also revealing your chest. Are you trying to seduce Toru-kun?”


When Aino teased Chika, Chika’s face turned red and she covered her chest.

She didn’t seem to have noticed after all.


“And, Toru ……! My b*****s ……”


“Uh, I didn’t see them, okay?”




She throws a pillow at him, but Toru catches it without any difficulty.

This makes Chika’s cheeks puff out more and more.


“And anyway, I’m going to bed!”


“So where are you going to sleep?”


Aino’s question caused the scene to be silent for a while.


Then, in the end, Toru ended up sleeping in the middle, sandwiched between Aino and Chika.


(I can’t sleep like this…….)


It was the first time in his life that he slept sandwiched between two girls in the same bed.


However, he did not expect at the time that another reason for not being able to sleep would emanate from Chika’s mouth.