The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 60

Like in the old days

“Toru-kun…… touch my b*****s…..”

Aino said something so outrageous that Toru freaked out and shivered.

However, Aino’s eyes were closed, and she was sleeping peacefully.

It was like she was talking in her sleep.

Toru was relieved, but Aino’s arms were around Toru’s waist from behind, holding him tightly.

Toru was now sleeping with Aino and Chika on the bed at home. The two beautiful girls, his fiancée and former fiancée, are sleeping on either side of him, with Toru between them.

Aino, dressed in a nightgown, is thinly dressed, and her b*****s are pressed against Toru. If he turned around, he would surely be able to see her cleavage perfectly.

(He, I can’t sleep ……)

As Toru was in agony, Chika, in front of him, glared at Toru with a jealous look.

“You’re being all dere-dere, and it’s not cool to be so transparent ……”

“I’m not dere dere.”

“Liar. You thought that Luthi’s b*****s were big or something.”

When Toru mumbles, Chika grimly says, “I’m right…….”

“You didn’t show that kind of attitude to me…….”

“Well, uh ……, are you perhaps……”

“No, I’m not jealous!”

Toru thought she was jealous.

Toru squeezed Chika’s hand.

Chika’s face suddenly turned red and she looked at Toru with a confused look on her face.

“And Toru ……?”

“I’m sorry. I’ll stop if you don’t like it…….”

“I don’t mind. But would you do this kind of thing casually to any girl?”

“No, it’s because it’s Konoe-san.”

Toru said so without thinking deeply, but Chika’s face brightened up.

“Yeah. Me, right.”

A happy Chika giggles.

(After all, …… Chika still likes me…….)

He is made aware of this once again. So what should Toru do?

Of course, Toru’s current fiancée is Aino. Toru promised to help Aino.

At the same time, Chika is his former fiancée, childhood friend and cousin. She was the one person Toru should have protected, but was unable to.

Chika still likes Toru.

However, he is unable to respond to Chika’s feelings, even though he is Aino’s fiancée. In other words, Toru has to choose a side.

“Hey, Toru. Wouldn’t you be the least bit disappointed to hear that I’m marrying someone else?”

“That’s …….”

Toru stammered at Chika’s question. Chika smiled.

“Are you at least a little disappointed?”

“I think so. I know it’s selfish of me, but ……”

“No. I’m glad. You know, I actually have a new engagement.”

Chika lowered her eyes and whispered.

Toru was surprised, but Chika is now 16 years old, and it is natural for the Konoe family to provide her with a new fiancée.

“If I get engaged, I won’t be able to come to Toru’s house like this. I went to the trouble of getting back to the relationship with Toru like in the past…….”

They were able to return to a relationship that was like childhood friends.

“You know what? If Toru is against it, …… I think I’ll turn down the engagement. What do you think?”

Chika looked at Toru with her dark eyes and asked him.