The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 61

Sandwiched between two beautiful girls

“Even if I decided to refuse the engagement offer,… would it be Chika’s decision to make?”

If Toru disagrees, Chika said she would turn down the offer of a new engagement. But is that possible?

Chika looked proud of herself.

“My position in the Konoe family is stronger than it used to be. I am not just a child anymore. There are many ways.”

Toru looks at Chika who is lying next to him on the bed.

Yes. Toru and Chika may not be adults, but they are not children.

Toru’s eyes fell on Chika’s large b*****s, which were evident even through her top.

Perhaps Chika also noticed the look, her cheeks turned red and she hid her chest with her hands. But there was no disgust in her eyes.

“Toru has grown up, hasn’t he?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean exactly what I said.”

Chika giggles. Then, as if to check the feel of their joined hands, Chika stroked and touched Toru’s hand.

Toru feels Chika’s small hand and winces.

“And Chika …”

“Oh, you call me by my name…”

“I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing? I’m so happy.”

“It’s … So, what’s your new fiancée like?”

“He is deceptive. Well, fine. He’s a little older than me, but he’s kind, good-looking, rich, and seems like a nice guy. And of course, he comes from a good family.”


“But you know what? I’d be happier if Toru was my fiancée. Because, Toru …”

Chika cuts off her words there and looks at Toru with moist eyes.

To Toru, Chika is an important childhood friend, and even though Chika likes Toru and …, they can’t go back to their original engaged relationship…

“Even if Konoe-san rejects the engagement, me and Konoe-san can’t …… become engaged.”

Toru is Aino’s fiancee. And for the Konoe main family, there is no longer any reason to make Toru the successor as a groom for Chika.

Chika looks away and nods sadly.

“I know … that. But right now, at this moment, I can stay by Toru’s side, can’t I?”

Chika leaned back a little and moved her body closer to Toru. Chika’s chest is against Toru’s, close enough for their bodies to touch.

“Konoe-san, …… that …… mu, your chest is …”

“Oh, I’m guessing. It’s like we’re …… lovers when we’re like this.”

Chika looked at Toru with embarrassment as she said so.

It is true that sleeping together in bed in nightclothes is like being lovers.

Moreover, there is even an atmosphere as if after doing something n*****y.

Softly smelling Chika’s sweet fragrance, Toru felt the urge to hug her.

Toru has Aino, and Aino is important to him. Still, he could not maintain his rationality when he was held closely by a beautiful girl like this.

“If it weren’t for that incident, the truth is that the two of us would be …… together right now.”

Almost as soon as Chika said this, something big and soft was placed against Toru’s back.

“Toru-kun,…… I love you…..”

“Ah, Aino-san!?”

Aino was not awake, but seemed to be sleeptalking and hugging Toru from behind.

However, from Toru’s point of view, he was sandwiched between Chika’s chest from the front and Aino’s chest from the back.

Chika’s cheeks puffed out in dissatisfaction.

“I won’t lose to you, Luthi-san…”

Chika mumbled quietly.