The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 62

Who is the New Wife?

Sleeping in the same bed as Aino and Chika, Toru at first thought he would hardly sleep.

In any case, Aino was mumbling “Toru-kun … loves me…” in her sleep, hugging Toru and pressing her ample chest against him.

Chika was murmuring in her sleep, “Toru … is so cute,” and stroking Toru’s body all the time.

There was no way he could sleep because both of them had fallen asleep unprotected and he was sandwiched between two beautiful girls.

What’s more, when it came to Aino, she said, “I’m prepared to be attacked by Toru-kun, okay?” What a thing to say before going to bed, and he couldn’t help but imagine doing such a thing.

For example, Aino would not be offended if he touched one of her b*****s while she was sleeping. Rather, Aino would want Toru to do so.

Of course, there is an aspect of her that genuinely likes Toru.

However, Aino wants to make a ready-made fact in order to make her engagement with Toru more secure.

Knowing this, Toru could not touch Aino.

Their engagement was a way to help Aino, and at the moment the pretense of being lovers is also a cover.

Chika has also told Toru that she likes him, but there is talk of her having a new fiancé, and doing something with Chika is out of the question.

But in fact, they are both on the bed hugging Toru …

Toru was in agony, but eventually he got used to it, and finally, after almost two hours, he was able to sleep.

Next morning. Toru was awakened by the light from the window.

Today was his day off, so there was no need to panic. As he was about to go back to sleep, Toru felt a creeping sensation.

(What is this…?)

Then he noticed. Aino was hugging the lower half of Toru’s body. The blanket is rolled up, and Aino mumbles in her sleep, “Nun …” and clings to Toru more and more tightly.

Aino’s face is just about buried around Toru’s sensitive area. Her light pajamas are in disarray, and her chest is more exposed than it was before she fell asleep, revealing her cleavage.

Toru felt his body temperature rise. In his sleep, he had forgotten that he had slept with Aino and Chika last night.

(Come to think of it, where is Chika…?)

For a moment, the thought of Chika crossed his mind, but soon Aino called out his name, “Toru-kun …” and rubbed her cheek against Toru’s body.

(This is not good…)

Aino seems to be still sleeping, but she needs to wake up as soon as possible.

“Ah, Aino-san …!”

“Uh, huh …?”

Aino finally seemed to wake up, and then her blue eyes fluttered open, followed by a startled expression.

Even though he was clothed, it was obvious that she had Toru’s lower body in front of her.


“Eh, Toru-kun’s … ecchi.”

“It’s a physiological phenomenon, you know?”

“If I made you feel like that, I want you to tell me honestly.”

“I’m not!”

“You don’t have to hide it, okay? If Toru-kun is suffering because of me, I have to relieve his frustration, don’t I?”

“Aino-san,… please listen to me.”

Aino giggles. Aino probably didn’t mean it either.

But there was someone who took her seriously.

“Hee hee, Toru was lusting after Luthi-san?”

Chika was standing at the door of the room, staring at Toru and Aino.

Chika had already changed into a neat one-piece dress, and what’s more, she was wearing an apron over it.

“Chika, no, ……. I mean, why are you wearing an apron?”

“I was going to make breakfast for … you.”


“Then somehow I feel like I’m Toru’s wife.”

Chika’s cheeks turn slightly red. Aino’s cheeks puffed up.

“Konoe-san, you’re trying so hard to get Toru-kun to like you, aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry? You’re the same way, aren’t you?”

“I agree … But I think it’s much more like newlyweds to have a morning show than to cook a meal, don’t you?”

“You and Toru have never done anything together, have you!?”

“But Toru-kun feels n*****y because of me…”

For the second time, Toru wished to Aino that she would stop because he was embarrassed. It’s not a lie that he felt like that, but …

“Anyway, since Konoe-san prepared it for us, why don’t we have breakfast?”

Aino and Chika looked at each other at Toru’s words, and then nodded in agreement.