The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 8

Chika Konoe

TL/ED: Bogdi

“I mean ……, we’re similar, you and I.”

Aino said so, but I never thought of it that way. I’ve never thought of the ordinary me and the extraordinary Aino as being similar.

“I don’t think we’re alike. I don’t have anything good about me, and I’m not as special as you.”

“Am I special?”


“Don’t you know? They call you Goddess Freya.”


“Oh, really?”

Aino rolled her eyes with a surprised expression.

It seemed to be a nickname used without her knowledge.

” I don’t think Freya is a Finnish deity, though.”

” Um, yeah, I know. And …….”

Aino’s sapphire eyes sparkled as she stared at Toru.

“I’m not a goddess, I’m just a normal human being like Renjo-kun.”

Aino chuckled happily.


I was surprised to see the expression on her face. I’ve rarely seen Aino’s happy face before.

Aino in the classroom is just a cover, and I’m sure Toru doesn’t know anything about her at all.

We found ourselves in front of the vending machine of the school cafeteria. There were not many people in line.

Aino spun around to look at me, her golden hair swaying softly. She folded her hands behind her back and looked up at Toru.

“Which one do you want?”


“I’ll have the A menu …….”

“If that’s the case, I think I’ll order the same.”

Aino smiled and mumbled, then looked flustered.

“It’s not that I want to match Renjo-kun, you know?!”

” Um, yeah, …….”

I think it was obvious from the flow of the conversation that Aino was going to order the same menu as me.

I’m not sure why.

I found myself behaving more naturally than I expected.

I thought I’d be nervous being with the most beautiful girl of the school year, but I wasn’t.

Perhaps it was the same for Aino, who was usually expressionless and by herself, but in front of Toru, she was full of emotion.

The cafeteria was a self service one, so after buying the meal ticket, we had to wait at the counter for our order.

During this time, Aino was happily talking about the book she had bought yesterday. It was a book that Toru had also read, so they had something in common.

Aino’s words, “We are similar,” came back to my mind.

Without thinking, Toru stared at Aino.

Aino’s cheeks turned red when she noticed his gaze.

“Do I have something on my face?”

“Oh, no, you don’t.”

Toru hastily denied it. He was not going to say that he was admiring her.

Aino’s expression changed from time to time, which was completely different from her usual appearance.

It reminded me of my childhood friend Chika Konoe. Chika was also a girl who smiled a lot like this.

But Chika is no longer next to Toru. After a certain incident, the relationship between Chika and Toru was torn apart.

Toru was afraid that if he got deeply involved with Aino, he would hurt her in the same way as he did with Chika.

Toru was afraid of that.



Aino’s existence had an irresistible charm for Toru.  Aino is a beautiful and talented girl, unlike the mediocre and cowardly Toru.

His thoughts were interrupted when the food he had ordered was served on a tray.

The cafeteria was like a large hall, with many tables lined up. The two of them decided to take a seat in the corner, facing each other.

The water was self-serve, so Toru decided to get enough for both of them. Just then, Toru noticed a figure coming from the other side of the room and froze.

It was a female student. She had a strong presence, and there was even an aura around her, as if she was part of a different universe.

She was a tall, slender beauty with long, glossy black hair.

Her face is so beautiful that it makes people cold, and she has an excellent shape.


When her intense black eyes were turned towards him, Toru felt himself shrinking.

Toru knows her well. And she was the most difficult person in the world for …… Toru to deal with.

“Oh, Renjo-kun. It’s rare to see you with a girl.”

The girl – Toru’s childhood friend, Chika Konoe – smiled and said so.

It must have looked like the perfect smile to everyone around.

But Toru had noticed that …… Chika’s eyes were not laughing.

“Are you alone, Konoe-san?”

“It’s just a coincidence. I’m not always as lonely as you are.”

” I apologise.”

Toru replied quietly.

But secretly, he thought he had gotten into trouble. It was at a time like this that he met the person he least wanted to see.

Aino looked at Toru and Chika and compared their faces. Even Aino could see that Chika had unfavorable feelings towards Toru.

Chika’s dark eyes narrowed in amusement.

Then, she looks at Aino as if she was assessing her.

“Are you …… Renjo-kun’s girlfriend?”

Aino stared back at Chika warily.

Both Chika and Aino are famous. I’m sure they know each other to the point where they can match names and faces.

“If so?”


Aino asked back.


(Hey, why don’t you just deny it? ……)

Of course, Aino is not Toru’s girlfriend.

So, why did she reply as if she was half affirming?


Aino’s thoughts were not clear to Toru. But the answer Aino gave was enough to put Chika in a bad mood.

Chika’s tidy face was faintly distorted. It was a change of emotion that only her childhood friend Toru could understand.

If Toru had a girlfriend, Chika would have a reason not to be happy.

Chika smiled a big smile on her face.

“I don’t recommend going out with someone as bad as Renjo-kun.”

“Don’t say anything negative about him. It’s not …… your business, is it?”

Aino was pressured by Chika’s boss-like atmosphere, but still, she retorted to Chika.

“Huh…” muttered Chika.

(This is not good. ……)

Toru hurriedly tried to stop Chika. There was a possibility that Chika would reveal what they were keeping a secret from the school.

But it was too late.

Chika’s eyes twinkled mischievously.

“‘It’s relevant.”

“‘Why? You’ re just childhood friends, aren’t you?”

“No, we’re not. I’m …… Renjo-kun’s ex-fiancée.”

Chika said this in a lovely tone as if she were singing, and then laughed in amusement.